Colin Farrell Confirmed For Mars-less Total Recall Remake

During an interview with Collider, producer Neal Moritz confirmed that Colin Farrell will be the lead in the upcoming remake to Total Recall. The film will begin a Toronto-shoot in May and will avoid the use of 3D.

There’s a lot of great stuff in Collider’s original story, including director Len Wiseman’s plans for the film’s version of the future, the fact that the movie will not feature a trip to the planet Mars and how closely the new film will stick to writer Phillip K. Dick’s original short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.

Click the link below to read the whole interview.

I’m a huge Total Recall-nut and while the idea of a remake has me a little nervous, I’m happy to see that Wiseman and Moritz are skewing so far from the original Paul Verhoeven movie. Fans of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film will always have the original movie with its bombastic explosions, callous civilian deaths and intricate miniature work. Now, maybe, there will be another great science fiction movie exploring similar themes to sit alongside the shelf with the original. And hey, it’s not like the television show Total Recall 2070 didn’t already dilute the original film’s legacy.

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Source: Collider