Judd Winick Teases The End Of Justice League: Generation Lost

With only a handful of issues left, Judd Winick left a quote with DC’s Source Blog about the upcoming ending of his Justice League: Generation Lost maxi-series, and while he doesn’t give away too much, he does a great job making you want more.

“No story is any good without a killer ending. It’s what we remember most. And after 24 issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST, after 24 issues of super heroics, super villainy, old friends, new allies, mass amnesia, nuclear explosions, and many, many, many nose bleeds, this story is coming to an end. And the ending — is a killer. Wanna know what Max Lord’s master plan has TRULY been? You got it. Wanna see a knock down, drag out, city wide, catastrophe level, fight with the Justice League International and a few EXTREMELY powerful buddies along for the ride? It’s in here. Wanna see if Max Lord is actually going to kill Wonder Wonder? Wanna see what Bruce Wayne has to say about it? Do you want all the answers to all the questions, see the good guys face the bad, and watch Booster Gold hit Max Lord in the face a whole lot? Then you need to read the end of Generation Lost. It’s where it’s all going to end and then so much more will begin.”

Now, breaking that all down, there are a few things we do know. Like that Bruce Wayne remembers who Max Lord is due to not being in the present during the events that kick started the series, which means the JLI will most likely have a Batman come the end of the series….the God Damn Batman.

And with Max’s impending endgame fast approaching, and Wonder Woman being a priority target…just how exactly is he going to find and kill the Amazon that nobody remembers? And does Bruce remember her too? Man, now I almost wish I was reading Wonder Woman!

But let’s be honest, Booster punching Max in the face a whole lot is going to be the best thing ever.

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Source: DC's Source Blog