Shane Helms and Chris Jericho Argue over Shawn Michaels WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Starting with Shane Helms:

“The HOF is great but I take more pride & comfort in the fact that I’ve never “screwjobbed” ANYONE in life or the biz! $$$ isn’t everything.”

Chris Jericho also tweeted, stating this:

“Shawn Michaels was my favorite opponent & is the greatest performer of all time.”

Helms then replied to Jericho and went off:

“BS! Flair did more & got more people over.”

“If u got something to say, say it public. Enough ass-kissing. He wasn’t the greatest when he was cussing u out in catering.”

“Flair got over people that absolutely SUCKED!! Shawn hadn’t gotten over anyone but himself in the last decade !! ”

“I’m sorry being honest comes off bad on Twitter, I’m not hating, I’m stating FACTS!! Facts that I would swear by on my life.”

“And wearing a cross doesn’t make u right. Hitler wore one too! Don’t be FOOLED by a TV persona!! I’m always honest. NO ONE can accuse me.”

“If the truth hurts and makes u think differently of me, ur entitled to that. No apologies necessary on either side, we’re all just people.”

“But ignorance is bliss and I’m not gonna lie to my fans just to sell T-shirts. Wrestling talent is not what I was talking about!!!”

“If being a good “sports entertainer” means more to you than being a decent person, then hate on! I’d rather have friends and family.”

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