Spoiler Warnings: Solving The Apocalypse Problem In Uncanny X-Force #4

So here’s the problem, Apocalypse is back and in the body of a young child. This child has done nothing wrong, no evil to his name but given what’s inside of him it truly is just a matter of time. What do you do?

If you’re Psylocke you insist on bringing the boy in, training him, rehabilitating him before he has a chance to be evil.

If you’re Wolverine, you are all gung ho about the execution until you find yourself able to carry it out, at which point it loses it’s luster and you agree with Psylocke.

If you’e Archangel you freak out, try and kill him, fight your girlfriend/ex-girlfriend over the ability to kill him, attack your co-leader, and come at the child like you’re the Angel of Death only to cave in and break down into tears rather than kill a child.

If you’re Fantomex you shoot the kid in the forehead and make the tough choice that nobody else felt comfortable making. You have ¬†French accent, it’s okay.

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