Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg meets Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network

If you watched the introduction to Saturday Night Live with Jesse Eisenberg as host you may have been surprised to see the Facebook founder come face to face with his movie doppelganger. Days leading up to Eisenberg’s hosting duties executive producer Lorne Michaels had been trying to get Zuckerberg for the show. If you caught the opening you saw Jesse Eisenberg come out on stage where he’s later joined by SNL regular Andy Samberg as an intimidating Zuckerberg. Cut to the real Zuckerberg backstage with Lorne Michaels asking, “Why can’t I go in there? I am the real Mark Zuckerberg.” Less than a minute later Zuckerberg joins Eisenberg and Samberg onstage. “What did you think of the movie?” the actor asks the billionaire. “It was interesting,” Zuckerberg responds. The two guys laugh and high five at the end of the intro. If this was Social Network producer Scott Rudin playing the PR game to get his movie some Oscar attention then he did a damn good job.

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