Marvel Steps Into Legal Trouble Over MYSTERY MEN? DC Comics’ 1939 & Bob Burden’s 1987 Claims?

Marvel Comics recently announced a new summer 2011 series called Mystery Men. You’ll note that there are no Copyright or Trademark symbols in Marvel’s teaser.

DC Comics may actually have a claim on the name since the first Mystery Men Comics series from the late 1930s was published by Fox and featured Blue Beetle. DC has not commented publicly on any potential claim they may have yet. There was also the recent rumour that one of the Flashpoint books from DC might be called Mystery Men as well. Oy!

In addition, Bleeding Cool chronicles the claim that Bob Burden of Flaming Carrot fame has on the Mysterymen name. The piece also includes a blurb about Alex Ross’ Project Superpowers work and his Super-Mystery Men. And, let’s not forget Universal’s Mystery Men movie from over a decade ago with Ben Stiller. Oy!

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