Video: John Cena Rapping About The Rock on WWE Raw (plus lyrics/a transcript!)

If you missed John Cena return to his Dr. of Thuganomics persona on Raw last night, here is the video of his (one night only?) rap response to The Rock’s return promo…

On a similar note, former WWE creative team member and relatively new blogger David Lagana writes that “John Cena vs. The Rock – simply as a confrontation is one of the great elements WWE has brewing for this years Wrestlemania. We don’t know what we’re going to see and isn’t that the secret to what we want out of wrestling?” He also gives some fun insight into the original creation of the rapping Cena character: “The period that Cena rapped every week on Smackdown in 2002-2003 is a time that showed that patience, consistency and believing in a character paid off. Before that, Cena would call himself ‘Johnny Boots and Tights’ as the most distinguishable thing about his character was his constantly changing tights based on the city we were in. It was on an international tour in 2002 where a battle rap on a bus between Cena and another Smackdown talent was heard by Bruce Prichard, Stephanie McMahon, Seth Mates, Paul Heyman and myself. It wasn’t fireworks going off at the time. We all didn’t look at each other and say ‘This is exactly what the WWE needs.’ It was a collective decision to say, ‘Let’s try it.’ And on a Halloween edition of Smackdown in 2002, we did.”

Read the full post, which features a ton of classic Cena raps from that era, over at

Here is the transcript of last night’s rap:

Finally The Rock came back and everyone was gettin’ with it
’til he said I was talking trash but he would never be specific.
Because I wasn’t talkin’ trash, Rock. I was talkin’ truth.
You left us high and dry to play a fairy with a tooth?
And then you walk into this ring and tell these people that I’m lame, man?
He wore lipstick in Gettin’ Shorty and wore a skirt for The Game Plan.
This Fruity Pebble you’re dealin’ with, I’m not your average jabroni.
I’m like a big purple pinwheel, Rock, so go ahead and blow me.
And you’re electrifying, yes, but hang with me? That’s just absurd.
See now you gotta tell your family you just got schooled by Barney’s turd.
Oh no no no no no, wait wait wait, that’s your material – you can have your joke back.
Just don’t go racing to Witch Mountain, Rock, ’cause your mountain is brokeback.
Oh no no no no no, wait wait wait – The Rock’s new movie, well it’s nothing like Walking Tall.
He spends the movie in a bowling ally polishing my balls.
The People’s Champ, he’s never with the people. Rock, your words are see-through.
You imitate me every time you leave. For seven years we couldn’t see you.
And and and is it Rock or is it Dwayne? Pick a side, come on son.
If I was you, I’d stick with Rock, ’cause Dwayne doesn’t have a johnson.
And you’ll see me at WrestleMania? Well then I’ll make sure not to miss it.
‘Cause you ain’t goin’ a whip my candy ass, dude. I’ll make sure you kiss it.
You’re the WrestleMania host, Rock: that’s your role. Know it.
You tell these people that you love ’em. I’m here every week to show it.
That’s called a first round knockout. Now you know that I’m not playin’.
Run your mouth all you want, dude. It doesn’t matter what you’re sayin’.

We can’t wait to see what’s next…

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