10 Thoughts On… American Idol Top 11 Performance Review

1. Casey Abrams had his first mediocre performance. I didn’t think it was that great and it sounded like he was screeching a lot. Whereas I once thought this was his Idol to lose, I know believe he can.

2. I have never heard anyone perform “Heat Wave” well, but Thia Megia owned it. Undoubtedly her best performance to date.

3. I thought J-Lo was very very annoying tonight.

4. It was a nice comeback week for Lauren and Jacob. They both did well. I certainly didn’t think that Jacob’s warranted the “Baby Luther” comment from Steven Tyler or the standing ovation. It was good, but definitely spectacular.

4. Stefano has been improving. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his but he has gotten better.

5. Naima was terrible. The only thing worse than the singing was the outfit. No wait, I take it back. The dancing.

6. Another solid performance from James Durbin. I think he is the only that is a lock to go to the end.

7. I like Paul McDonald. But he had an off-week as well. He needs to stick to do his chicken impression and smiling a lot.

8. I don’t care what anyone says. Haley needs to be in the Top 10. At the end of the day, in a pop singing competition, looks matter. And she looks amurtzing.

9. How hilarious was Gordon Ramsay dissing Stefano’s mom’s cooking? The BEST part of the show.

10. Worst part of the show? Are the judges even capable of making negative comments? It makes the show kind of irrelevant. I want Simon back.

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