Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 03.29.2011 – Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Byron Saxton, Jacob Novak, Lucky Cannon, Conor O’Brian

Welcome, friends and foes alike, to our lovely little recap of NXT Redemption. Throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. But please, do care.

We open with a theme song, some nice shots of the audience, and a roll call for our rookies in tow:

1.Darren Young

2.Byron Saxton

3.Conor O’Brian

4.Lucky Cannon

5.Titus O’Neil

6.Jacob Novak

Pick your favortie, guys and dolls. (cough cough, Saxton, cough).

The rules of the season are explained once again and we’re off to our first challenge of the night which is…..arm wrestling. Anyone else flashing back to Trips and Steiner? Or Trips and Khali? Good times. Darren Young faces off against Byron Saxton. So, we’re pitting two minorities against each other. Good to see Vince is still the original notion of Manifest Destiny alive. Saxton pulls an Ash Ketchum and puts on a baseball cap backwards (if anyone gets that reference, please move out of your parents’ basement immediately. The economy cannot be that terrible). Young beats Saxton. Lucky Cannon faces off against Conor O’Brian…and loses. Jacob Novak and Titus O’Neil are next…and apparently, my feed cuts and comes back to Darren Young and Conor O’Brian. Odd. Titus O’Neil beat Novak, though. O’Brian ends up beating Young and is set to face O’Neil. And the latter picks up the victory. The fucking midget seems happy. Good for him.


We’ve got a video package of Darren Young. Obviously, this kid has the best chance of winning this. Not gonna lie, his finisher, which is basically an FU position leading to him dropping himself on his back and letting you fall stomach first on his knees, looks pretty sick.

Ah, a Taker and Trips video package. Talk about a phenomenal promo from this Monday. Get it? “Phenom”enal? Knee-slappers? I’ve got a million.

We’re going recap heavy this show as a video package of the Snooki fiasco airs. Well, at the very least, we get to hear that lovable “get crazy, get wild” theme song of hers again. It’s not like nails on a chalkboard at all.

And….the Raw Rebound. Haven’t gotten a match yet. We relive the Rock/Cena/Miz ending of Monday night. I can’t say it did much for the feud, but it damn well built anticipation for ‘Mania. Though, I have a huge gripe with the exchange between Cena and Rock. We’ll talk about that tomorrow at “Kue’s Korner” (points for plugging).

I can’t believe this. They’re recapping Taker/Trips/HBK now? They showed a video package of this match 20 minutes ago. They’re really pushing for buyrates, so you kids remember, no illegal streaming. The workers have got to buy the anabol….I mean vitamins somehow.

Byron Saxton/Titus O’Neil/Conor O’Brian vs. Lucky Cannon/Darren Young/Jacob Novak

Okay, a match. And not one from Monday night. O’Brian and Cannon start with a lockup. O’Brian gets whipped, but shoulder blocks for a nearfall. He gets Cannon in an armbar. Then gets three quick nearfalls. Cannon gets caught in a headlock. O’Brian adds in a few knees, then switches back to an armbar. He brings Cannon over to his corner and tags in O’Neil, who gets kneed in the face, followed by Cannon tagging in Young. Young gets caught in an armbar as well, gets dragged to O’Neil’s corner, and O’Neil tags in Saxton. Saxton hits a Russian leg sweep for two. Young gets up and rams Saxton in the corner, hitting a few knees. Young whips Saxton to the other corner, but gets caught with a boot. Saxton attempts a comeback, but gets caught with a shoulder block. A few more of those and he really will be considered the black Cena. Young makes a tag to Novak, who gets a bit of token corner offense on Saxton before hitting a vertical for a nearfall. Novak tags in Cannon, who gets an Indian deathlock on Saxton. Young gets tagged in, hits a bit of token corner offense on Saxton, pulls Saxton to the middle of the ring, and hits a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Novak gets tagged in, who hits a few elbows on Saxton on the ground. This leads to a chinlock on Saxton, who eventually fights out of it. Saxton ducks Novak’s clothesline attempt and gives the hot tag to O’Neil. O’Neil hits a clothesline and a sidewalk slam on Novak. He clotheslines Young and Cannon for good measure before whipping Novak into a belly to belly for a pin attempt, broken up by Young. Young gets taken out by O’Brian. O’Neil hits the Sky High for the pin.

Winner: O’Neil/Saxton/Brian by pinfall

And that’s our show, folks. Tune in tomorrow for the go home edition of “Kue’s Korner” before ‘Mania.

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