Bradley Cooper To Be Next Crow?

That’s what the Hollywood Reporter is reporting as the star of Limitless is in early negotiations to play the role that Brandon Lee made famous.

The Crow, originally a comic book, tells the story of a musician named Eric Draven who dies while trying to save his fiancee from thugs. Brought back to life by supernatural forces, he goes on the warpath to take vengeance upon those who have wrong him.

Cooper, most recently of Limitless as well as the upcoming Hangover sequel, apparently has begun early negotiations for the part. He’s not a stranger to the part of a rock musician, having played one in The Rocker, as well as not a stranger to action films with The A-Team.

What does it mean? This is an inspired choice by Relativity, as Cooper is not the first guy you’d think would be cast in a role made famous for the death of its star. He does have plenty of acting chops in several genres; it would be fun to see what variations to an iconic role he could bring. He’s in the right age bracket and this could be the film that takes him from the cusp of being an A-list star to being on it.

He has shown he can open a movie on his own recently with the success of Limitless, as well, so the potential casting makes sense from a financial perspective too. It was billed around him and it opened larger than expectations.

What do you think? Is this the right move? Or is there someone you feel would do better in the role?


Source: Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision Blog