The Rager – Edge’s Farewell, An Important Question, and R-Truth?!?

Welcome to another edition of The Rager, I am your humble host, Chris, and today’s rage includes a question addressed to The Rageans, Edge’s retirement, the RAW gauntlet match and much, much more! Lets get down to it.

Rager I
I forgot to bring this up last week following the Rock vs. Cena announcement but I wanted to pose a speculatory question to my fellow Rageans.

It was speculated by many (me) that once Undertaker got through Wrestlemania 27 with the streak still intact that he would put the streak on the line at Wrestlemania 28 against John Cena, become 20-0 and ride off in the sunset. However, in light of resent match announcing, Cena will be occupied. So here’s the question I pose to all of you: Who will Taker face at WM28? I honestly don’t really know unless they have Taker vs. HHH II OR (my other thought) would be for Taker to take next Wrestlemania off and go againt at WM29 but the only problem with that is (like we’ve seen with Edge) these men don’t really know how much longer their bodies can hold up and I would think Taker would want to do this while he still could. So that is my long-winded, rambling speculatory question thats a week old. Discuss! 3, 2, 1 go!

Rager II
I would just like point that 1/2 of Guest Host Arm Candy is now the Divas Champ. I’m not being hateful or anything towards Bella #1 bu at the same time, I can’t say that I’m happy. I just…I don’t know what to think anymore…that’s all.

I lied, thats not all. I’d also like to point out that marking the twin is genius and yet another thing that I can’t believe I never thought of. Dear WWE, please force the Usos to do the same before their matches (on whatever show the might find themselves) so I can tell them apart.

Rager III
So we finally got to see Sin Cara in action and I’m quite impressed by what I’ve seen so far. Of course the obvious botch put kind of a damper on things (I blame Primo) and of course, doing take 2 after the botch wasn’t subtle at all and didn’t help. However, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen from the guy so far and I can’t wait until we see what else he has in his arsenal.
The only thing that bothers me is that he’s more than likely going to be the Rey Mysterio figure whenever Rey calls it quits and anybody that knows me, knows I’m not the biggest Mysterio fan at all. I don’t know what it is, it just happened.

Rager IV
I think Michael Cole vs. JR would be awesome in the most awful way…I don’t care if that doesn’t make sense, just go with it, ok?

Rager V
Dear WEE (In case you missed last week’s Rager, I changed WWE to WEE and stands for World Entertainment Entertainment), Please don’t lump Daniel Bryan with Santino, Mark Henry, and (this pains me to say) current jobber Evan Bourne. I know Daniel Bryan doesn’t really have a storyline right now but I would’ve rather seen him do anything but this. The only good that could possibly come out of this APPLE nonsense is for Bryan and Bourne to form a tag team and leave Henry and Santino to do what they wish.

Rager VI
Let us now turn out attention to the gauntlet match on Raw in which 5 Superstars were chosen at “random” to determine the #1 contender(s). I can’t say too many negative things about this because I did like the idea quite a bit and I agreed with 4 of the contenders and we all knew that Cena was gonna come out on top. What I did not expect was the one guy that I believed didn’t even belong in the match and that, of course, is R-Truth. I know a lot of people (me) roll their eyes every time the break-dancer-who-poses-as-a-wrestler comes out and refuses to rap his own theme music on beat but thats not even the reason I’m raging about this. The point is this, what exactly has his done in 2011? There’s the infamous “Green Bay, WASSUP” screw up which was followed by an awkward and terrible job to Mason Ryan. He didn’t suck all that much at Elimination Chambers but (as Rhett Davis pointed out to me) not sucking and being good are two different things. Since then, he’s jobbed for Alberto Del Rio and wasn’t even in Wrestlemania and yet he gets a push over the deserving Mr. Ziggles and the even-more-deserving John Morrison. Maybe WEE needed a guy to take the fall for Miz at Extreme Rules without making Cena look weak, thats what I’m hoping for just so that the balance of the universe will be restored once again.

Rager VII
Last week, every one including myself talked about Wrestlemania 27 and rightly so. It was a huge event that took the interest of everyone and it would’ve been irresponsible of me to not have discussed it. Much like that, we now have the retirement of Edge, a man that has dedicated his life and his well-being to this industry. I speak about this not in obligation but out of the utmost respect and adoration for what he’s accomplished and the sacrifices made. Edge essentially took years off his life every week just so unathletic fans, like myself, can sit around, talk and write about it. We all suspected it wouldn’t be much longer before he left, but him retiring this soon took me by complete surprise. I was pretty hard on his match against Del Rio last week but now that I know what we all know now, retiring after winning a championship match at Wrestlemania is the only way Edge deserved to go.
Over the past year, it became more and more obvious that Edge was wrestling under a considerable amount of pain but he kept going and he kept performing at a very high level. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a big Edge fan by any means but I’ve always enjoyed him in the ring and respected all that he did. I know I can’t be the only one whose always gonna remember Edge spearing Jeff Hardy off a ladder in Wrestlemania 17. That moment is the perfect embodiment of what Edge did; he put it all on the line for the fans. I will say this, though, I did enjoy Edge commentating this past Smackdown and I really hope its something he considers in the future.

So with all that being said, Edge has more than deserved our respect and its incredibly sad to see him go but after all that he’s done for the millions of us, Adam Copeland greatly deserves to take care of himself and his own well-being and no one can ever fault him for that. He’s done some amazing things over the years and I appreciate him greatly for it.

The End

I hope this finds you smiling

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