Pulse Wrestling WWE NXT Report: 04.19.2011 – Lucky Cannon, Yoshi Tatsu, Byron Saxton, Tyson Kidd, Jacob Novak, Conor O’Brian, Hornswoggle, Darren Young

Greetings, buddies. Welcome to the NXT Recap, where we are all wild and young. I do apologize for the delay. I was a bit preoccupied with a bottle of water and some cigarettes. Let’s kick things off.

Theme song, crowd shots, and we’re on the stage with Maryse and the rookies.

  1. Lucky Cannon
  2. Darren Young
  3. Conor O’Brian
  4. Byron Saxton
  5. Jacob Novak
  6. Titus O’Neil

We’re going right to the challenge for the night, which ends up being that American Gladiators challenge where two people are facing each other on cushy pillars and the one who gets knocked off wins. Apparently, they’re playing tug-o-war while they’re “pillaring” (tell Webster to make an addition). O’Brian beats Saxton. Novak bests Young. Cannon beats O’Neil via DQ. Cannon gets a bye on the next round ’cause Maryse likes his obnoxiousness….which in turn is French-Canadian for man-junk. Novak beats O’Brian to meet Cannon, who gets DQ’d for that same obnoxiousness (the American translation). Your winner is Conor O’Brian.


We’re back to JTG aka “wherethehellhaveyoubeen?” aka “SoontoBeFutureEndeavored”. He introduces his rookie, Jacob Novak, dressed rather “urban” (is that racist?), who cuts an anti-Brit heel promo. He calls out William Regal, and this brings out….Conor O’Brian. Well, that’s a…..lackluster substitute.

Conor O’Brian vs. Jacob Novak

O’Brian takes the early advantage with token offense. A European uppercut leads to a nearfall by O’Brian. Novak fights back with a clothesline and a few legdrops (which are more effective with Timberlands, of course), which leads to a nearfall. Novak gets a chinlock on O’Brian. JTG keeps yelling “Novocaine”, an anesthetic, which doesn’t apply here, since Novak and JTG do the opposite of relieving my pain. Novak catches a kick by O’Brian and counters with a big boot. He goes to heckle Regal, turns around, and gets caught in a school boy by O’Brian, but Novak’s shoulders aren’t down. How do you botch a school boy? Novak gets whipped, but fires back with a clothesline and an elbow drop for a nearfall. Token offense by Novak and he attempts a suplex, which gets reversed into a small package by O’Brian for the win.

Winner: Conor O’Brian via pinfall

Novak rolls out and shoves Regal, who goes to whip some ass, but JTG gets in between them. Another reason to future endeavor JTG. Vince, get on it.


We recap the Truth/Morrison exchange from last night. Excellent heel turn, but put a good amount of credit to the London crowd. The interaction was superb. Looks like Truth is about to get Rowdy….oops.

Backstage antics with Byron Saxton and Yoshi Tatsu, who gets romance advice from his rookie. Maryse walks in and asks Tatsu to go shopping. Again, more relief efforts to Japan. Thanks, Vince.

Darren Young vs. Hornswoggle

I hate myself for watching this. Chavo warns Young about the trucking midget, which Young adds a rebuttal and references Chavo’s loss record with ‘Swoggle. After a >ahem< small exchange, Chavo convinces Young to fight with one hand tied behind his back and blindfolded. After some tomfoolery (and a horribly-named finisher), the bucking midget gets the pin.

Winner: Hornswoggle via pinfall


YoshiTatsu/Byron Saxton vs. Tyson Kidd/Lucky Cannon

It’s sad that I’d forgotten Tyson Kidd was a part of NXT. But it speaks volumes for Lucky Cannon’s charisma as well.

Cannon and Saxton start, but Cannon says he wants Yoshi. I feel like playing N64 again. Tatsu gets tagged in and hits a few kicks, which is enough for Cannon to tag Kidd. Kidd gets knocked down with a few shoulderblock/nearfall combos. Tatsu gets a takedown and somersault pin attempt on Kidd, who reverses it into an attempted sunset flip, but gets caught with a hiptoss. Saxton gets tagged in, who immediately locks in a hammerlock into a Russian leg sweep. Nearfall by Saxton, and he follows with a wristlock. Saxton gets whipped, but hits Kidd with a flying back elbow for a nearfall. Saxton tags in Tatsu, who hits an armdrag and tags in Saxton. Kidd fights back with token offense, whips Saxton, but gets caught with a kick and a clothesline over the top rope to the outside.


We’re back and Cannon is now in the ring. He releases a leg scissors hold on Saxton, then presses the knee to the back of Saxton. Cannon tags in Kidd, who lays into Saxton in the corner. Kidd distracts the ref, which allows an illegal choke by Cannon from the apron. Snapmare by Kidd into a spinal tap and a nearfall. Kidd locks in a headlock. Saxton tries to fight back and hits a sunset flip for a nearfall. Kidd clotheslines Saxton and tags in Cannon, who gets a nearfall after a kick. Cannon chokes Saxton on the second rope, distracts the ref, and Kidd knocks Saxton back in with a kick. Saxton fights back against Cannon, but eats a boot for a nearfall. A frustrated Cannon hits a few kicks on Saxton. Cannon tries a running squash in the corner, but Saxton moves out of the way, but eats a spinebuster by Cannon. Cannon hits several mounted punches while screaming it’s all about him. Nearfall. Saxton gets up, blocks an Irish whip, and the two rookies knock each other out with a double shoulderblock. The pros eventually get tagged in and Tatsu hits the token offense on Kidd. An overhead throw, spinning heel kick combo, and a flying heel kick gives Tatsu a nearfall. Cannon attempts to distract Tatsu, who almost gets rolled up by Kidd, but rolls over and hits a sick kick to the head for a nearfall. Damn, suspenseful. Tatsu is measuring Kidd now, but is distracted by Cannon trying to flirt with Maryse. Kidd capitalyzes and hits a spinning fisherman’s suplex for the pin.

Winners: Tyson Kidd/Lucky Cannon via pinfall

Cannon talks trash over Tatsu before leaving. Maryse looks on as we fade to black.

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