Hellblazer, John Constantine, Returns To DC Universe After Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint Or Brightest Day: Aftermath?

First there was the rumour that Swamp Thing was leaving Vertigo for the main DC Universe. Then he, and his previous host body Alec Holland, showed up in pivotal moments in DC’s Brightest Day #23.

Now, Bleeding Cool indicates the raiding of Vertigo’s closet continues with Hellblazer, John Constantine, pegged for a post-Flashpoint DC Universe role. Whether in a new series or greater profile in existing DCU books is unclear.

Here is what Bleeding Cool is reporting:

I don’t know where. I don’t know when. I don’t know how.

But I am reliably informed from a certain Brazilian in the know that John Constantine will be appearing as a major character in upcoming DC Universe titles, post Flashpoint.

Created in the then-DC Universe title Swamp Thing, by John Totleben, Steve Bissette and Alan Moore, this street-level occultist span off his own comic series, John Constantine: Hellblazer and, with Sandman and Swamp Thing, spearheaded the Vertigo line of mature readers comic books, including the much derided Keanu Reeves vehicle, Constantine.

There’s a bit more through the Bleeding Cool link too.

Do readers have any thoughts on where John may “fit” best in the DC Universe? I was actually wondering if he, not Alec Holland or Swamp Thing, is one of the characters blacked out on the cover of Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search For Swamp Thing #1? However, maybe its a post-Flashpoint return instead as per Bleeding Cool?

UPDATE: After Comics Nexus’ speculation that John Constantine was more likely featured in Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search For Swamp Thing, Bleeding Cool is now reporting the same based on tweets from DC creators.

So, what does this mean for DC’s Vertigo mature readers line? Whether being pulled back into the main DC Universe, or having super-heroes invade Vertigo titles like Fables, it sure seems that Vertigo is on its last legs or will be morphing into something else.

So, can the main DC Universe handle John Constantine? And, what’s the plan for Vertigo as a distinct line? Time will tell.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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