Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Superstars, 04.28.2011 – Zack Ryder, Gail Kim and Melina

Tyson Kidd vs. Trent Barreta

The two men lock up and they both trade holds and locks until Kidd has a headlock on Barreta. Barreta breaks the hold but it knocked down by Kidd. The two kinda fly around each other with some nifty moves until Barreta finally knocks over Kidd. Baretta has control of the match now and then puts his own headlock on Kidd but Tyson gets to his feet and pushes them to the corner where the ref has to break them up. Kidd lands a few shop to the midsection and then stomps on Barreta in the corner. Kidd continues to take control and has Baretta in another headlock. Kidd picks up Barreta and lands a suplex and gets a pin for two as Kidd goes right back to the headlock. Baretta reverses the hold and throws Kidd to the mat, Baretta tries to fight back but ends up getting whipped into the corner. Kidd continues to control the pace of the match until Baretta lands a kick and then tries to jump Kidd but Tyson moves out of the way and Barreta lands right into the ropes. Kidd then lands a dropkick that makes Baretta fall to the floor as we go to commercial.

We come back to Tyson Kidd locking in a submission hold but Baretta manages to escape but Kidd manages to drop Baretta on his knee and gets a pin for 2. Tyson Kidd continues control and puts another submission hold on Baretta but Trent once again breaks the hold but Kidd gets a kick that lands. Kidd tries to pick up Trent but Baretta flips over and lands on his feet and lands a dropkick to Kidd’s back. Trent lands an elbow to Kidd’s face in the corner and lands a knee to Kidd’s chest as Baretta goes for a pin but it only gets two. Baretta then tries a springboard dropkick and then pins but only gets a two count. Baretta goes for the Dudebuster DDT but Kidd throws him off and Trent lands on his face and Kidd lands a low kick but Kidd gets a surprise as Baretta throws Kidd over the top rop and then Baretta flips out of the ring and lands ontop of Kidd. Baretta throws Kidd back into the ring and goes for a pin only gets two. Trent picks up Tyson but Tyson gets away and lands a dropkick to Baretta’s head. Kidd takes Baretta into the corner and lands a few shots. Kidd drops Baretta off the top rope but Baretta rolls through for a pin but gets two. Kidd then puts Baretta into the sharpshooter and that’s that.
Winner: Tyson Kidd

Zack Ryder vs. David Hart Smith
So apparently Smith is a cowboy now? The guy comes out in a white cowboy hat. The match begins and the two lockup and Smith has the advantage until Ryder reverses a few grappling moves and David returns the favor. Smith hits an Arm-Drag Takedown and tries a few submission moves and Ryder scrambles to the ropes. Smith brings Ryder back in and takes control. Smith gets the vertical suplex and goes for a pin but gets two. Smith then clotheslines Ryder out of the ring and Smith drags him back in but Ryder then hits the ringpost with Smith’s head. Smith falls on the floor and we go to commercial

We return to Smith in a headlock but the Smith gets to his feet and counters but Ryder hits a foot to Smith’s face and its Ryder with the momentum. Smith begins to fight back but Ryder isn’t having it . Ryder complains to the ref so Smith takes advantage but Ryder doesn’t allow it for long and takes control once again. Ryder goes for the top rope but gets hit by Smith, who joins Ryder on the top rope and David hits a suplex off the top rope. Both men find their way to their feet and Smith takes control and lands a boot to Ryders head. Smith then dances around embarrassingly and then tries to shout of out to Hulk and lands a leg drop but only gets two. Ryder gets in a corner and Smith comes running but meets Ryder’s elbow. The two men trade shots but Smith goes for the Sharpshoot but Ryder hangs on to the ring apron and escapes from Smith’s clutches. Ryder hits his Rough Ryder and gets the pin.
Winner Zack Ryder

Melina & Alicia Fox vs. Gail Kim & Natalya
We start off with Natalya and Melina with Natalya getting the early advantage. Natalya goes for the vertical suplex but gets interrupted by Alicia Fox. Natalya puts all of her attention on Fox which means Natalya is unexpectedly kicked in the head by Melina. Melina tags in Fox who continues to take control, who hits a northern lights suplex and tags on Melina who accidently kicks Fox but Melina continues to take control who locks in a submission move until Natalya breaks the hold and flips Melina on her back. Natalya tags in Gail Kim as Melina tags in Fox and Gail Kim lands a series of kicks. Gail Kim lands the missile dropkick and goes for the pin but Melina breaks the count. Kim gets attacked from both Melina and Fox until Natalya drags Melina out of the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, and Kim attacks Fox and gets the pin.
Winner Gail Kim and Natalya

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