DC Comics Relaunch: Only 4 to 7 Spots Really Open With 34 Books Confirmed & 11 Likely Books Coming

Another busy day.

Even though DC has “only” announced 34 books, with the expected books factored in, the big question mark is really about 4 book slots to round out the Big 52 from September.

Or DC will swerve us like they did yesterday with Batwing and today with Wildstorm’s Voodoo, cult fave Resurrection Man, Demon Knights and I, Vampire.

I also updated by Likely / Rumoured and Strong Possibilities lists. There isn’t a lot left over when you look at releastic books to come. That only leaves 4 to 7 wildcard spots. There may be a lot of fans unhappy if their fave solo stars are side-lined or are only featured on team books. We’ll see.

DC still has 18 spots to officially announce. But its safe to say, in the end some fans will be unhappy, but others will be happy like fans of the Demon Etrigan, etc.


0. Batman Inc. (in 2012)
1. Justice League
2. Wonder Woman
Demon Knights #1 (ships August 31, 2011)3. Aquaman
4. Flash
5. The Fury of Firestorm
6. Savage Hawkman
7. Green Arrow
8. Justice League International
9. Mister Terrific
10. Captain Atom
11. DC Universe Presents
12. Green Lantern
13. Green Lantern Corps
14. Green Lantern: The New Guardians
15. Red Lanterns
16. Batman
17. Detective Comics
18. Batman & Robin
19. Batman: The Dark Knight
20. Batwoman
21. Batgirl
22. Catwoman
23. Birds of Prey
24. Nightwing
25. Red Hood & the Outlaws
26. Batwing (African Batman from Batman Inc.)
27. Swamp Thing
28. Justice League Dark
29. Animal Man
30. Demon Knights
31. Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE
32. I, Vampire
33. Resurrection Man
34. Voodoo (from Wildstorm)

Likely / Rumoured

35. Superman
36. Action Comics
37. Superboy
38. Supergirl
39. Kid Flash and/or Speed Force (with Wally West) – previously announced
40. Static (Milestone Character) – previously announced
41. Justice Society
42. Teen Titans
43. Legion of Super-Heroes / Legion Lost
44. My Greatest Adventure (was Weird Worlds)
45. Who’s Who (makes sense)

Strong Possibilities…

… or wishful thinking?

46. Shazam / Captain Marvel type book
47. Suicide Squad / Secret Six type book
48. Deathstroke (and/or Ravager – spotlight in Flashpoint after all)

Only 5 slots left

That leaves the 49, 50, 51, & 52 slots.

On a limb or on the outs?

There are A LOT of franchises on the sidelines…

1. Blue and/or Gold (Blue Beetle and/or Booster Gold book(s))
2. Tim Drake / Red Robin / Something else (Just on a team book? DC’s Bat announcements “appear” over.)
3. Stephanie Brown / Cassandra Cain centric Bat series
4. Power Girl
5. Zatanna
6. Martian Manhunter (previously in Brightest Day)
7. Hawk & Dove (previously in Brightest Day and Birds of Prey)
8. Jonah Hex (and any other Westerns like Vigilante)
9. OMAC (rumoured)
10 The recently departed like REBELS, Freedom Fighters & Doom Patrol
11. Xombi (Milestone Character)
12. Grifter (rumoured)
13. Other Milestone properties
14. Other Wildstorm properties
15. Red Circle properties

Your Turn 🙂

What do you think? What have you heard?

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