Oscar Isaac Lands Role In The Bourne Legacy

Oscar Isaac is still a relative unknown in Hollywood, but he’s been building a very good resume these last few years working with director Ridley Scott on Body of Lies and Robin Hood, and playing the head orderly, Blue Jones, in this year’s Sucker Punch.

A few months ago he tested for the lead in Tony Gilroy’s Bourne Identity spin-off, The Bourne Legacy. Though he would eventually loose to Jeremy Renner, the actor made such an impression that Gilroy kept him in mind as he was filling out the rest of the cast.

According to Deadline, Isaac has landed the role of “Number 3,” another brainwashed assassin in the film. While it isn’t a starring role, it is a major one. And his addition to the cast comes days after it was announced that Edward Norton would be the primary villain in the film.

You can next see Oscar Isaac in the September release, Drive.

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Source: Deadline