The Stomping Ground: Where is The WWE Conspiracy Heading?

Welcome back to another thrilling installment of The Stomping Ground! I am your host, Mike Gojira, and, according to Pulse reader/troglodyte Foxxxy, I may or may not be a “cocksucker.” That’s news to me, but I’m assuming it means I’m a really awesome columnist who deserves a reward for brightening up your dull lives.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Good; it’s better that way.

This past Sunday we saw the inevitable, overbooked Dusty Russo finish for the main event of Night of Champions. I have to say that there were only two things that disappointed me, and that was Kelly’s victory over Beth (again) and Cena’s big win over del Rio. I understand that the company is trying to promote that Kelly and Eve are NOT the Barbie dolls everyone makes them out to be by having them beat the Divas of Doom, but wouldn’t there be a better pay-off if Kelly was CHASING the gold instead of defending it? Wouldn’t that make more sense from a storyline standpoint? The underdog is supposed to overcome all the odds and climb her way to the top, not get fluke wins via roll up. It’s like we’re watching what happens to the hero at the end of the movie; you know that “Happily Ever After” deal? Kelly is living that moment in repeats. Show us some vulnerability!

I still don’t understand why the ‘E felt it was necessary to take the belt from del Rio. Cena could have won by DQ and gotten his rematch in two weeks anyway. This especially makes less sense if they plan on giving the gold back to del Rio at Hell in a Cell via controversy. This thought, of course, leads into the meat of my shpiel this week.

We all know what’s coming in the next few weeks. It’s been building ever since Nash showed himself at SummerSlam: the return of the Corporation. The seeds have been planted all over Raw and it’s simply a matter of getting all the elements together in one place.

That location is the Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match in two weeks.

I’m going to take a page out of Joseph Hargrove’s book and fantasy book this angle, so bear with me. In two weeks, CM Punk, Alberto del Rio, and John Cena meet for the WWE Championship. I’m going to assume that Nash, Miz, and Truth will stay off television to sell the fact that they no longer work for the company. Then, in a swerve that everyone will see coming, the three interfere in the Hell in a Cell match and leave Cena and Punk laid out, giving del Rio the victory.

This would make the most sense since the three heels are obviously in cahoots with Johnny Ace, and del Rio is clearly a fan of the McMahon regime. The one issue with this storyline is Triple H’s place in it.

That can be decided in one of three ways:

1. Triple H is behind this all for some bizarre reason, but that would be a tough sell considering what happened last Sunday.
2. Triple H is ousted as COO through some shenanigans.
3. Due to the high volume of embarrassing incidents over the course of the last two months, the Board of Directors places Johnny Ace at equal footing with Triple H and therefore able to throw his weight around without getting “fired.”

The third scenario is the most plausible as it keeps Triple H from becoming a full-time wrestler while also allowing Ace to continue his coup in a more realistic fashion. Regardless of the outcome, this is an angle that should be felt across the WWE landscape, which means Smackdown would be affected. I could see Christian and Cody Rhodes join the faction (possibly Barrett as well), as they would be the most vocal against Triple H.

Of course I could be completely wrong about EVERYTHING I’ve just stated, this being the WWE and all. Sound off in the comments whether you agree, disagree, or have your own ideas where this angle is heading.

Random Thoughts

The thought of CM Punk, Statler, and Waldorf commenting on a WWE match is license to print money. WWE, please do this when the Muppets host Raw!

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara is supposedly leading to a Guinness World Record attempt at Wrestlemania, but how do you keep this angle going for six more months? The heel Sin Cara needs to develop his own identity after their first face-off.

Hahaha. Get it?

Because…because they don’t have faces, is what I’m saying.


You guys are no fun.

Mike Gojira’s Fave Five

1. Mark Henry: I have to give mad props to big Mark. He finally did it! Hopefully he doesn’t get fed to Orton in the cage, but then who does Randy feud with after Henry if he loses his rematch?

2. Dolph Ziggler: The United States Champion has been looking phenomenal lately. Get Vickie away from him; he doesn’t need that heat magnet any more.

3. Sheamus: The Great White is looking stronger and stronger as time goes on. I can see a Henry/Sheamus feud in time for Vengeance…if they keep the gold on Mark that long. Maybe there will be a four-way between Henry, Sheamus, Orton, and Christian by then?

4. Awesome Truth: I called it last week when I said the WWE would make that name stick. These two are great together and I can’t wait to see them take the Tag Team Championship from Air Boom.

5. CM Punk: The WWE Ice Cream Bar T-shirt. I am soooooooo buying one at Survivor Series this year (That’s right; yours truly will be at MSG)!

Before I sign off, here’s CB’s highest-rated column EVAH, an interview with moi.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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