Ringer 2011 Spoilers: Why Did The Twin Twist Reveal Itself So Early?, Student/Teacher Storyline To Heat Up Soon

In tonight’s episode of Ringer the show will elaborate on Bridget revealing that she is really Siobhan to Gemma. According to the show’s executive producer, Eric Charmelo, the move was Siobhan’s attempt to gain an ally but it is unclear how things will play out now that Gemma knows.

Responding to criticism that the secret came out way too early, executive producer Pam Veasey explained by saying that, “We needed to have some drama that she could share with someone and up the stakes for Bridget. She can’t live this life and make this choice and everything just lives smoothly. People would go, ‘Right…’ You have to have some jeopardy for her.”

As for what’s coming up on the show, the producer’s talked about Bridget’s pregnancy and how that will be addressed.

“At this point she’d probably be close to two months, so she has to come up with a plan soon. The length of the season will probably span the length of her pregnancy.” Charmelo added that Bridget’s options are to either “fake a miscarriage or… get pregnant — if she’s not already. She was a stripper!”

As for what’s to come?

Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars joins the show next week as Siobahn’s stepdaughter’s teacher at her public school. Expect another student/teacher romance…


Source: TVLine.com

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