McFarlane Toys Announces Halo Universe: Anniversary Edition Series 2

For Halo fans, the tenth anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved is a great opportunity to look back at how far their favorite game series has come. The anniversary has already brought us Halo Fest and an advance line of action figures, and a full line of figures with build-a-plaque is in stores now. It’s all leading up to the big event: the release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, on the exact date of Halo’s tenth anniversary in November! With so much excitement around the anniversary, we couldn’t stop at just one figure line… so we’re bringing our Halo Universe: Anniversary Edition back for a second series!

Halo Anniversary Series 2 brings you more fan-favorites from across the Halo universe with an all-new five-figure lineup, a new build-a-figure item, and a new figure multipack! Which characters are joining the celebration this time? Read on for all the details…

Build-a-Figure Item

UNSC Logo (Halo series)
Halo Anniversary Series 1 introduced our first Halo “build-a-figure” item, and Series 2 continues the trend with another unique bonus for collectors. Like last time, each figure comes with one of five pieces that can be combined to form an extra item to display with your Halo figure collection. For Series 2, that item is another iconic symbol that has been featured in every Halo video game: a 3D version of the logo of the United Nations Space Command. This distinctive military emblem consists of a stylized eagle with its wings spread, perching on a globe with a rippling banner — and can only be created by collecting all five of the individual figures in Halo Anniversary Series 2.

Individual Carded Figures

“The Package” Master Chief (Halo Legends)
We couldn’t have a Halo Anniversary celebration without including the man who started it all: Master Chief himself. This all-new version of John-117 shows the hero as he appeared in the 2010 animated movie, Halo Legends, and is our first figure inspired by the Halo “expanded universe” of animation, novels, and comic books. To truly capture Master Chief as he appeared in “The Package” chapter of Halo Legends, we’ve created an all-new sculpt that features a slightly more animated style, and updated paint that includes the distinctive white stripes and numbering as seen only in this thrilling adventure. Figure comes with Assault Rifle, Frag Grenade, and the globe piece of the UNSC Logo.

Captain Jacob Keyes (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary)
Our first UNSC officer figure is the first person players ever see in the original Halo video game: the commanding officer of the Pillar of Autumn, Captain Jacob Keyes. This all-new figure features Keyes as he appears in this fall’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, in sharp gray military uniform. Figure comes with the fan-favorite Magnum pistol and the banner piece of the UNSC Logo.

Spartan Mark VI (white/blue) (Halo 2)
Back in Halo 2, before the addition of armor permutations, Master Chief’s MJOLNIR Mark VI armor was the basis for all multiplayer Spartans. Our first Halo 2 multiplayer Spartan action figure takes collectors back to those days — when about all you could do to customize yourself in matchmaking was change your primary and secondary armor color. Our multiplayer Spartan Mark VI features bright white armor with cool blue accents and comes equipped with the ever-popular Battle Rifle, a Frag Grenade, and the left wing piece of the UNSC Logo.

Sentinel and Guilty Spark (Halo 3)
The legacy of the most technologically advanced species in the Halo games, the Forerunners, can be seen in everywhere you turn — from the Hal array, to The Ark, to the curious robotic constructs they left behind to monitor and protect their installations. Halo Anniversary Series 2 brings a pair of these ancient machines to your collection: 343 Guilty Spark and a Sentinel.

Our massive Sentinel action figure features articulated appendages and weaponry, while Guilty Spark features a reversible eye that can be changed from blue to red. Is it a sign of justified aggression, or a symptom of AI rampancy? Figures include a base and poles so they can hover near your Flood figures, or assist any potential Reclaimers. Figures also come with the right wing piece of the UNSC Logo.

Mickey (Halo 3: ODST)
The demolitions expert and pilot of Buck’s ODST squad joins our action figure lineup: Private First Class Michael Crespo, better known as “Mickey.” This new figure, clad in black ODST armor with red accents, is in scale with our previous Halo 3: ODST figures, so Mickey won’t look out of place with his teammates. Figure comes with Mickey’s signature weapon, the Rocket Launcher. Mickey also comes with the eagle body piece of the UNSC Logo.

Boxed 3-Packs

Spirit of Fire Red Team (Halo Wars)
This special Halo Wars boxed set features three heroic Spartan-IIs: Jerome, Douglas, and Alice, collectively known as Red Team. This trio of super-soldiers fought alongside the crew of the Spirit of Fire, defending them from the dangers encountered on Shield 0459. Our Red Team 3-pack brings back the leader, Jerome-092, and completes the team with two never-before-released figures of Douglas-042 and Alice-130. Each includes some serious firepower to help them carry out their mission: Jerome comes with a Spartan Laser, Alice comes with dual SMGs, and Douglas comes with a Shotgun. One Spartan is a force to be reckoned with, but a coordinated team of them is virtually unstoppable. Go back to 2531, before the fall of Reach, and get the complete Red Team, all in one box!

Halo Universe: Anniversary Edition Series 2 charges into stores in March 2012.

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