Rasslin’ Roundtable — TNA Final Resolution

Bobby Roode (c) vs. A.J. Styles
30-Minute Iron Man match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

PK: Roode needs an establishing win…and AJ is just the man to put him over. With Jeff Hardy waiting in the wings & James Storm yet to come, this is the best chance to get an decisive win.
Winner: Bobby Roode

Alexander Miezin: Robert Roode is just beginning a lengthy reign as TNA Champion. AJ comes into the match with a kayfabe knee injury and a real ankle injury. Should be interesting to see how they format the 30 minutes, but I see a great match no matter what. Roode cheats to win with seconds left.
Winner: Robert Roode
M.C. Brown: Roode is too soon into his reign to be dethroned this quickly. AJ will look strong, though, possibly getting the 1st and 2nd falls.
Winner: Bobby Roode
Steven Gepp: You know, I have high hopes for this match. I hope both men are no longer injured, are fit and healthy, and have the determination to make this succeed. If everything falls into alignment, then TNA could have the match of the year on their hands. Having said that, this is TNA. I am half-expecting outside interference galore, overbooking, multiple ref bumps and general stupidity and inanity subtracting from what should be awesome. But I shall give them the benefit of the doubt (though don’t ask me why) and expect a good ‘un. The winner will therefore depend completely upon the direction of the company in 2012. Is Roode holding the title for Hardy? Do they want AJ being the plucky face chasing the title? Or do they want to finish the year on a ‘send the fans home happy’ vibe? So many questions, so many…
Winner: (tough call) Robert Roode

Gail Kim (c) vs. Mickie James

PK: Something tells me Gail’s reign will not be as entertaining as her last run…but she wins easily
Winner: Gail Kim

Alexander Miezin: Gail Kim is back with TNA and has made a big impact. Mickie has been on a roll after winning the Knockouts gauntlet then defeating ODB and Madison Rayne. Kim won’t lose here.
Winner: Gail Kim

M.C. Brown: I think this one would be tough except that Gail is a freshly crowned champion and Mickie has won all her matches looking strong going into this one while Gail had no offense vs. a valet who Madison had to help her beat. The feud should have legs beyond this match as they haven’t even scratched the surface of a storyline between these two and both can go and are at the top of their game.
Winner: Gail Kim

Steven Gepp: Probably the two best female wrestlers in TNA’s roster, so I have hopes that this match won’t suck like… well, like nearly every other female wrestling match from TNA/WWE this year. The problem is Karen Jarrett will have to get involved, and this will drag out that damn backstage soap opera of hers, and what could be a genuinely decent women’s match will be destroyed by sports entertainment that the audience (from what I can gather) does not care about.
Winner: James (by DQ, so Kim retains the title)

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett
Steel Cage match

PK: The stipulation is enough to pick the winner…ya, Hardy’s going to lose to JJ on his way out…I don’t think so.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Alexander Miezin: Hardy and Jarrett have been feuding for the past couple of months. TNA has kept it very interesting. With Sting handcuffed with Karen Jarrett, she won’t be able to interfere. This allows Jeff Hardy to win, or Karen shoves Sting into the cage knocking Hardy off the top and Jarrett wins, but Sting bring Jeff Hardy back to the company on the next IMPACT…
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

M.C. Brown: Jeff is not going to lose this and it sets up a nice new opponent for Bobby Roode at Genesis.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Steven Gepp: Well, last month was so damn entertaining they had to do it again! Seriously, I thought last month’s “match” was crap – though many pointed out that they disagreed with me – and I just have a problem with both these guys. One’s a spot monkey, the other’s a guy who has not improved since Superclash III (I’ve written about Jarrett before, and my reasons are there). And in a steel cage. Goody!
Winner: Hardy, just because he’s not Jarrett

Crimson and Matt Morgan (c) vs. Devon and D’Angelo Dinero
TNA World Tag Team Championship

PK: If Devon doesn’t want his sons involved, why are they at every show? Also, does anyone else remember when The Pope was entertaining?
Winners: Crimson & Morgan

Alexander Miezin: New Tag Champs make their second title defense. Pope and Dinero seem to be entering a little feud of their own against one another. Crimson and Morgan pound the challengers
Crimson and Matt Morgan

M.C. Brown: Devon and The Pope have a story with Devon’s kids that will influence the outcome of this match in that it will spin into a singles feud. Crimson and Morgan won’t be losing anytime soon.
Winner: Crimson and Matt Morgan

Steven Gepp: Hmm, let’s see, we have over-pushed and over-hyped versus past-his-prime and what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here? Hey, remember when TNA’s tag division had real teams that people cared about? MCMG, Beer Money, even Ink Inc, British Invasion, TAFKA Dudley Boys? Remember? Because I’ll bet the audience do. This cannot be good. Pope can’t carry 3 guys.
Winner: (thanks to Devon’s kids) Crimson & Morgan

Austin Aries (c) vs. Kid Kash
TNA X Division Championship

PK: While I’m asking questions…anyone remember when the X Division was the reason to watch TNA? The division is currently a joke, with no current threat to Aries.
Winner: Aries

Alexander Miezin: A Double is the best thing in the X-Division today. I’m so glad he found a home in TNA. Kash makes for a decent challenge, but no way does Aries lose the belt to him.
Winner: Austin Aries

M.C. Brown: This should be a great hard hitting match up. A-Double is gold, so I believe he should still win this one.
Winner: Austin Aries

Steven Gepp: Austin Aries has really impressed me in the second half of this year, and I think Kash can probably still bring it. If they are allowed enough time, and are given carte blanche to just go for it, expect this to be a great match. But this is TNA, so who knows? But, again, I am being hopeful.
Winner: Aries

Robbie E (c) vs . Eric Young
TNA Television Championship

PK: Call me crazy, but I actually like Robbie E. I find him much more entertaining them EY. What I don’t like is Robbie T…I think he has had 4 different character changes in the past 12 months, but alas he helps Robbie E retain the gold.
Winner: Robbie E

Alexander Miezin: Eric Young will take his own pants off during this match and will lose. Rob Terry was sent to OVW recently, so who knows if he will be there.
Winner: Robbie E.

M.C. Brown: I think one title will change hands here and this one probably will. Young has had very little TV time since losing it, but I think he’ll be a transitional champion for a new one to be crowned on Impact.
Winner(and new Champion): Eric Young

Steven Gepp: Eric Young is an interesting character study. He has managed to get himself over by sheer force of will and his personality. He found something that worked, and I have the feeling that he did all the work himself. After being saddled with the ‘moronic crazy person’ schtick, he’s taken that and tweaked it enough for people to care. And then there’s Robbie E who’s… Robbie E. Expect Rob Terry to get involved, and that to backfire in some way. I have low expectations of this match. If I am even slightly entertained, then it will be a bonus.
Winner: Young

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

PK: With Cowboy coming off of his concussion, I can see that as an out for his win, and to keep the program going. Storm eventually wins the feud, but Angle wins this war.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Alexander Miezin: Angle vs. Storm has been the best feud in TNA currently. Storm has evolved into a true main eventer. Angle’s first match since his title loss to Storm. Match quality should be great here. I think Angle will win somehow sending the feud into another month or two.
Winner: Kurt Angle

M.C. Brown: I think the good money is on Angle, but Storm coming out strong in the process, perhaps selling lingering effects of the concussion or bleeding or any time of underdog type drama to make Storm look like a tough sumbitch or badass. We all know Kurt is already and this feud will have some life if played out properly.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Steven Gepp: I have high hopes for this match, but there are two provisos: one, they are both healthy and fit, and two, the outside interference is kept to an absolute minimum. If these two criteria are met, then I expect this to be a barn-burner. I expect stiff, I expect pain, and I expect to be entertained. Dammit, TNA, I am NOT asking for too much! I just want to be entertained!
Winner: Angle

Christopher Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam

PK: RVD has been very unmotivated recently, and Daniels seems to have fallen off now that his heel heat is dying. This has potential to be a great match, but can also be a big disappointment.
Winner: Daniels

Alexander Miezin: Daniels has been boring me as of late in TNA, but him calling RVD “Bob Van Dam” is great. RVD seems motivated in this feud as well. RVD should win.
Winner: Rob Van Dam
M.C. Brown: RVD doesn’t lose many matches in TNA. Daniels continues to boast about winning even though he loses. So I don’t see the point unless Daniels actually wins one by cheating here. This match could springboard nicely into a gimmick match, but really this should be the TV Title match. Sadly, it’s not. Since I really have a hard time believing that zero titles will change hands at the PPV, I’m going to pick Daniels here and EY to win his title back so CD can beat him on Impact. CD may even trick Rob into being caught with a weapon and get DQed but I hope there is a pinfall.
Winner: Christopher Daniels
Steven Gepp: This is either going to be a good, high-flying, hard-hitting match with both guys upping the insanity levels, or it’s going to be a total clash of no-selling and spot, set-up, spot, set-up, finisher-finisher-finisher-finisher. Not sure about it, but, hey!, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.
Winner: RVD
Closing Statements
PK: I recently took a very long hiatus from watching TNA (Bound for Glory 10 to Bound for Glory 11), and some of this seems fresh to me, so the Roode vs. AJ & Storm vs. Angle matches are appealing. All that said, the rest of this card seems garbage. The tag division is a mess, the X Division is forgettable, and Karen Jarrett makes the Knockouts unwatchable. The a fore mentioned matches will be good matches, the rest will bog this PPV down.
Alexander Miezin: Definitely one of TNA’s strongest PPV lineups of the year. The December PPV’s for TNA have always been pretty strong. Although most of the outcomes to the matches are obvious, the in-ring action will be awesome. Can’t wait.
M.C. Brown: I might have the TV title match and Daniels/RVD match switched, but I’m going to stick with my guesses. This has the potential to be a very strong PPV as long as it’s not overbooked. Great wrestlers and great match ups are going to sell this PPV and hopefully dvd. I’m intrigued. I would like to see TNA actually take a risk from their standpoint and do an actual 60 minute Iron Man Match. I think that really could have drove this PPV and sold it home. They could easily have taken a couple matches with little to no build up off this PPV to facilitate that and then give a couple Title matches to highlight at the next Impact Wrestling to make up for it.
Steven Gepp: I have high hopes for this PPV. I really do. TNA have had (in my opinion) the best PPV of the year in 2011 (Destination-X back in July), and while on paper this cannot come close (with Robbie E, Crimson, Morgan and Jarrett on the card), it should at least be entertaining if it’s allowed to be. But will it? Sting is now essentially an authority figure; Hogan is… something; Flair is… whatever. There’s no blowoff to that epic Garrett Bischoff storyline so at least we will have that to look forward to in 2012… and that’s also another positive for this PPV. But I am really close to foregoing TNA. I was close with WWE, but there have been a few good matches and interesting feuds in the second half of the year, and guys like Rhodes, Ziggler, Daniels, Del Rio, Punk and Barrett have really started to impress or have impressed. In TNA, though, the only shining lights have been Storm and Roode, and Austin Aries (as much as he’s been allowed to show). Samoa Joe has been so misued he’s a joke; Styles and Daniels are just ‘there’; the rest are… well, they’re TNA’s roster. Last chance, TNA – impress me. Even a little bit. Please.
And my 10 Thoughts on this show should be up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

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