Incredible Hulk Spoilers: How Did Hulk And Banner Split?

One of the biggest shockers coming out of Fear Itself was that Bruce Banner and The Incredible Hulk were split into two different people, seemingly forever changing their dynamic as just alternate personalities of one person. Now, this isn’t the first time, I personally remember it happening in Onslaught, but it hasn’t really been explored.

In this book Hulk has been seeking his peace, but it’s something he’s not really able to have. Not with Banner going into super mad scientist mode, creating an island of Gamma Powered monsters, and doing anything he can to turn himself back into The Hulk.

But how did this happen? How did these two halves of the same coin go their seperate ways?

Well, in the newest issue Jason Aaron revealed just that, showing us not only the identity, but how this man managed to do the impossible.

So is it any real surprise that it was Doctor Doom? I mean, he’s everywhere! He’s in Children’s Crusade, he’s in FF, he’ll probably be in Fantastic Four, he’s in Winter Soldier, and hey look, he’s in Hulk now! Maybe to cap it off he’ll pop back up in X-Factor!

So let’s get into the details of just how this managed to happen, which actually isn’t too bad of an answer. It’s not new that when Hulk is the dominant personality he can push Banner down and keep him out of control, it’s been happening for years. This time though, Hulk goes to Doom looking to never have to go through it again. He wants Banner out, he wants to be free, and Doom can give that to him.

Through brain surgery! The not so good Doctor cuts open Hulk’s skull and removes everything Banner from his brain, moving it to a cloned body of Banner. Hulk’s conditions are simple, he wants Banner to Banner. Not stupid Banner, or crippled Banner. Just Banner…who can’t become the Hulk ever again. The trade off is that Hulk will be Hulk, he won’t be brilliant, but he won’t be stupid. Doom calls him the worlds strongest seventh grader.

But now Hulk owes him one, and I can’t imagine what Doom will want in return.

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