That Being Said: TNA Against All Odds 2012 Report (Jeff Hardy, Booby Roode, Hulk Hogan)

It’s been a while since I busted out “That Being Said” and did a recap. Especially a TNA recap – I didn’t even know until a day or so ago that there was a PPV this weekend. In fact – full disclosure – I have not seen a single TNA show since Bound For Glory last year. I just kind of got burned out on caring what happened in TNA after years of waiting for them to do some good stuff. Did you know that my FIRST EVER PPV recap for Pulse was LAST year’s Against All Odds PPV? I bet you didn’t. Now you do.

I did watch highlights of the whole Bobby Roode turning on James Storm thing, which I thought was well done, but you know what, I can’t be bothered to get that invested in Roode. People seemed to like that whole thing, and I thought of giving it a shot again… but then, I read that Jeff Hardy was in the title picture again. And that Bischoff’s kid was running around doing some kind of angle with Eric and Hogan. And some other nonsense with Sting.

I was glad to see we found a TNA recapper in Adam Mason, that stuck around longer than a week, and was optimistic about the product. I did read a couple of those, and they’re well done, and I always enjoy MC Brown’s roundups as well… but again, I couldn’t be bothered to spend too much time even reading about TNA. I guess I tell you this to explain why, as you read my recap, you’ll notice that I don’t really have too much idea what’s going on right now. But if you can’t watch a PPV without them explaining to you the gist of what’s going on, then they need to put together a better show. I mean, it’s TNA – it’s not like they have a world of depth in their storylines.

And I’ve been caught in the situation before where I get ragged on for not knowing what’s going on, like that’s an intelligence flaw of some sort. TNA apologists are even worse than WWE apologists on this, because TNA apologists tend to hate themselves more. The only ones who’ve taken it a step further are those muslim fanatics who actually take the chains and beat the shit out of each other. I’m surprised the TNA apologists didn’t think of that – but I suppose they’re not good with tools. And they’d rather go after themselves mentally.

Anyway, my man Kon kept telling me that I should check out a show, because it hasn’t been that bad. He showed me the card for this PPV, and a few of the matches sound like they could be allright. And here we are. That being said, I present to you: the show that I watched while the rest of North America was watching The Walking Dead and The Grammys. Also known as…


TNA Against All Odds 2011

I joined this PPV about 10 minutes late because my free stream PPV had some issues kicking in. Man, who booked this shithole? Aw man, they’re in the Impact Zone! I thought they were in cool arenas in London lately. I hate the Impact Zone. It smells like a farm.

We are already into…


Jesse Sorensen .vs. Zema Ion

I think I’ve seen Zema Ion, and I remember thinking he was pretty decent. Jesse Sorensen is that loser with the football, isn’t he? Isn’t he? Yeah, he is. The best part about that gimmick is that he has this football jacket on, right? But, and this is the best part… it has no team name on it. Not even a college team. Or a sponsor. Something. ANYTHING. But no. Nothing. So like, he likes football so much that he had to have a fake jacket made up? That’s like showing up at the Super Bowl with a “Let’s Have A Nice, Clean Game, Gentlemen” t-shirt on. Besides, if he could play football at all, we all know he would NOT be in TNA. I digress.

When I joined in, Zema had Jesse’s football and claimed that the football was his now. Everyone was acting that this is a serious offense, and that you can’t just buy footballs anywhere. I guess TNA may not pay Jesse enough to get a replacement. Tenay and Taz are certainly pretending that it’s… I’m sorry. Where is Taz? There’s another guy talking with Mike Tenay. It sounds like Jeremy Borash. Zema does a moonsault off the apron onto Sorensen, and Sorensen doesn’t get up. He gets counted out.

Sorensen is either hurt or REALLY upset about losing that football. Ion heads up the ramp, while officials tell Sorensen that they’ll get him a new football as soon as soon as there’s some wiggle room in the budget. Dry those eyes. That’s my brave little guy.

Winner: Zema Ion

Tenay and Borash try to kill time, while they do crowd shots. Damn, is this dude really fucked up? They don’t show officials tending to Sorensen anymore. They’re just doing crowd shots. And some of these crowd members look horrified.

Instead they go to Roode, who does a great job of illustrating why I find him boring.


Apparently they’ve scraped Sorensen off the ground, because Robbie E comes to the ring, with Rob Terry doing the bouncer routine. He’s even got a clipboard that’s marked as “THE LIST”. Rob Terry is a huge waste of money for TNA, I realize that, but… that’s a pretty funny gimmick. Apparently Robbie E is the TV Champion. He calls out anyone to come and challenge him for his belt. This routine again? I don’t even care who it is, as long as it isn’t Shannon Moore.

TNA Television Title Match
Robbie E (c) (w/ Robbie T) .vs. Shannon Moore


Shannon does some hip tosses and the Robbie’s decide to leave. Shannon goes to get him, and brings him back in the ring. Robbie E takes control for a few minutes, until Shannon hits some lame moves. HA! ROBBIE T HAS AN EARPIECE!!! That’s fucking awesome. Running knee by Robbie E takes Shannon outside of the ring. How the fuck is Shannon Moore still employed? I miss Taz, he was always good for some drunken comments. Sorry, I’m not really focusing on this match. Funny gimmicks or not, these guys aren’t very good wrestlers. At one point, Robbie E tosses himself into the turnbuckle for kicks and to show how he can bump better without Shannon’s help. That’s pretty funny.

Some other stuff happens. I don’t know. Shannon does an asai moonsault and a top rope frankensteiner. Little dude is trying. Robbie T gets in some cheapshots. Robbie hits a swinging DDT and pins. At least Shannon didn’t win. FIST PUMP!

Winner and still TNA Television Champion: Robbie E

Robbie puts on his glasses and dances around.


TNA Knockouts Title Match
Gail Kim (c) (w/ Madison Rayne) .vs. Tara

I kind of assumed I’d take a break from this show during the women’s match, but given that these are two of the women that TNA has that can actually somewhat wrestle, I guess I’d better cover it. I’ve always been a fan of Gail Kim, especially after her stunt during that WWE Diva Battle Royal last year. Unfortunately, Gail Kim comes out with that one girl who has the bad Goo Goo Dolls cover song, who for some reason always looks like she’s fresh off a hit from the old glass dick. I’m told that she’s that Madison Rayne girl.

The crowd starts chanting for Tara right away. These girls have already gotten a better response than either of the two previous matches. Gail starts just kicking Tara’s ass, including a dropkick from the top rope. For some reason, Madison leaves, probably to go find an untapped vein. Gail looks confused, but keeps beating on Tara. She locks on a cool-looking submission. Gail then takes Tara to the top and does a frankensteiner… second one of those so far tonight. Try watching the matches before, ladies. Crowd is booing Gail even though she’s dominated the match all on her own so far. Tara with a DDT out of nowhere. Tara powers up and hits a couple clotheslines. Sidewalk slam by Tara gets 2.

Tara takes Madison up the ropes, then just tosses Gail over her shoulder to the mat. Then she hits a moonsault on Gail, which was a decent set of moves, but it looks like she hurt her knee. Eventually she pins but only gets 2. As Tara gets up and limps around, Gail hits a… falling… leg-based… jawbreaker? Or something? Whatever it is, it got her the win.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Officials help Tara in the ring as Gail leaves.

James Storm cuts a decent promo in the back.


TNA World Tag Team Title Match
Crimson & Matt Morgan (c) .vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

What the gumdrops is this? You’ve got to be kidding. You’re telling me that in the near half-year it’s been since I stopped watching TNA, Samoa Joe STILL can’t get away from these fools Morgan and Crimson?!?! Good God. Anyway, from what I read in the Roundtable, this match is taking place so that Crimson and Morgan can break up and have some sort of feud. Except that Crimson and Morgan already had a feud, and nobody cared. THAT feud ALSO involved them walking all over Joe. These guys are both losers. They’re both dead weight. Neither have produced anything of value for TNA. As for Joe and Magnus, this is pretty far down for Joe I’d say, but that’s nothing new, and I don’t know what he’s doing in this team, but Magnus is all right by me. The video package is awesome because it has background narration by Matt Morgan and Crimson explaining to everyone the feud they’re involved in. What’s with the fucking playing card graphics? Those look awful.

Swayze: I think Crimson, despite being undefeated, may have some self esteem issues, given he got the lamest fucking frat boy tats he could possibly find. I bet that fucker goes to the grocery store without a shirt on.

Joe and Morgan start out, and volley a bit, until the other tow are tagged in. Crimson gets the upper hand with some lame strikes a couple times, then a running knee. Joe with a cheap shot gets Magnus the upper hand. Joe comes in and hits a boot, Magnus hits a move I can’t recall, then Joe hits his backsplash. This gets 2. They double team a bit as Joe comes in. Frequent tags by Joe & Magnus. Joe just stomps and hits some strikes on Crimson to keep him down. Magnus back in with a sleeper. Crowd is pretty dead for this. Backdrop suplex by Magnus gets 2. Joe hits a chop which gets the only reaction this match has had so far. Yeah, you heard me, Adam. Tell Dixie I said so! Crimson hits a few shots, and a big boot. He looks pretty pleased about that big boot, too. “FOOT GO UP, MAN GET HURT! THAT GOOD!” Then he eats a Joe powerslam. Crimson doesn’t know what to do when confronted with actual wrestling moves. This match bites. We went from Team 3D, LAX, Motor City Machine Guns, and Beer Money… to this.

Crimson hits a top rope clothesline and tags Morgan. Morgan tosses Joe and around does a meeting of the minds and a double clothesline. A few very loud screamers are ALL about Matt Morgan and this is the new crowd reaction highlight of this match. Crimson is back in, and Joe gives him an eye rake, but Morgan and Crimson double-shoulder him down. Crimson takes a fall out of the ring, and Joe and Magnus double-team Morgan. Crimson comes in and accidentally spears Morgan. Joe hits a snapmare and Magnus hits an elbow, and they get the pin. That’s a pretty silly double-team finish, if all Joe does is a snapmare. Crowd was hot for the finish though.

Winners and new TNA World Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe & Magnus

Backstage, Bully Ray cuts an awesome promo, and calls Christy Hemme ugly. He’s playing on the New York accent a little thick, though. He says he’s ready to win the World Title and piss off the wrestling world.


TNA X Division Title Match
Austin Aries (c) .vs. Alex Shelley

This is one of the only two matches that I’m really looking forward to tonight. A lot of people probably assume that my favourite wrestlers in TNA are AJ, Daniels, and Joe. While they’re near the top, I believe that Aries and Shelley are the best that TNA has, and I’ve thought that for years. Shelley is probably actually my favourite overall. Back in the glory days of ROH, Punk and Shelley were my top guys. It sucks that TNA has them in the undercard still, because that makes no sense, but this should be a good match. Apparently Jesse Sorensen has been transported to a “local medical facility” according to Mike Tenay. I guess he didn’t have time to say “hospital”.

They volley around each other and Aries showboats. They go back and forth a bit more with Shelley diving on Aries on the arena floor. Shelley with some chops, a snapmare, and a slingshot over the ropes and into the cover for 2. Duelling chants start, with the Shelley chants about 100 times louder. Aries snaps the neck of Shelley over the ropes and tries a slingshot moonsault, but Shelley gets his legs up. Shelley hits a thrust kick off the top, and clotheslines Aries over the top. Aries goes under the ring, and Shelley aborts a dive when he doesn’t see him on the floor… then Aries jumps him from behind and dives between the first and second ropes to hit a flying elbow on Shelley into the guardrail. Great spot.

Back in the ring, Aries works on Shelley’s back and gives him some chops in the corner. Snapmare and a jump on the face. Then he gives him a nice elbow from the second rope into Shelley’s shoulder while he’s sitting up. Another nice spot. Aries with a chinlock, Shelley gets up, but Aries pulls the hair down. Aries milks his pendulum elbow drop, but misses. Aries rakes the eyes, but Shelley hits a hard kick and a chop. He tosses him into a couple turnbuckles and hits an inside-out clothesline. Shelley hits a flatliner into the turnbuckle, which is the ONLY way that move looks good.

Then he tosses a knee to the back of Aries’ skull against the turnbuckle. Aries to the outside, but he goes back under the ring. Aries sneaks back under the ropes, but this time Shelley is ready for him, dumps him over the ropes and Aries hits his head on the apron. Shelley then hits a suicide dive HEADBUTT that takes Aries into the guardrail. Doesn’t look like that did wonders for Shelley’s neck. Shelley goes for that great double stomp, but misses and recovers, catches Aries into his finisher, but only gets 2.

Aries recovers and hits a pendulum elbow for 2. Shelley counters a brainbuster with a knee, but Aries hits him on the rebound off the ropes and Shelley goes down. Phew. Oh my God, Shelley then eats a fucking SICK looking Death Valley Driver on the APRON. Straight off the neck and shoulders. That was one of the sickest moves I’ve ever seen. Aries then hits an axe-handle off the top to the floor. Shelley gets tossed into the ring, and kicks out of a pin attempt. Aries to the top, but misses a 450 Splash. Shelley grabs him and hits Sliced Bread 2, pins, but Aries grabs the rope RIGHT on the three count. Amazing match so far.

Both guys slow to get up, until Aries hits that SICK running dropkick he does, then hits the brainbuster. Pin attempt only gets TWO and the crowd just goes completely batshit. “This is awesome” chant from the crowd, followed by a small package by Shelley for two. Shelley rolls up AGAIN, but abandons the pin and just kicks Aries straight up in the head, twice in a row for ANOTHER two count. Crowd is completely unglued now with the chants. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread again, but Aries catches him, hits some knees to the head, a brainbuster, then rolls him right over into Last Chancery for the win. Shelley taps.

Winner and still TNA X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

Fucking amazing match. Easily the best I’ve seen in a long time from any company. Shit was out of hand. I knew they wouldn’t disappoint if TNA let them go balls to the wall. No way any shit on this show tops that.

… but, it was no Mark Henry / Randy Orton match. Right, Jack Newbury?

Christy Hemme is talking to Jeff Hardy. Christ, he looks like an asshole. I’m amazed he can drive to the arena without having the shit kicked out of him. Hemme asks him about his back or something. He has fucked up eyes. He’s gunning for a Swayze Award pretty early this year. Smart move. Don’t waste time.

Swayze: That was Hardy?!?! I thought TNA got Vampiro.


AJ Styles .vs. Kazarian (w/ Christopher Daniels)

At least they’re not having Daniels threaten to murder AJ during a terrible match this time. Last I saw in TNA, that’s what they had those two guys doing. Yikes. AJ Styles is a tremendous wrestler. It’s amazing they still don’t have him on the top of the card. Kazarian is also a good wrestler and under-rated in my opinion. The video package tells me that Kaz has to do whatever Daniels tells him? Or something? And we don’t know why? Oh boy, TNA does not do well with payoffs on these types of storylines. Those retarded playing card graphics completely ruin the serious feel they were going for.

Kazarian goes for the handshake. AJ isn’t buying. He wants answers. Then he tears Kaz’s shirt off. That’s a pretty homo-erotic start to this. AJ with a headlock. If the last match and the crowd reaction has taught TNA anything, it’s that they can just let guys wrestle without over-booking the shit out of things. They do start slow, as they need to warm the crowd up after that last one. They trade holds for a bit, while the crowd chants that Daniels sucks. AJ tosses Kaz out of the ring. Styles with some kicks and strikes when he gets back in. Kaz eventually sidesteps a Styles charge and hits a sliced-bread-ish maneuver. Kaz then… leaves the ring for some reason. He dodges a Styles dive, but Styles runs down the apron with a flying forearm. Clever spot. Back in the ring, Kaz dodges another Styles dodge and catches Styles hard with a monkey flip. He follows up with an elbow that gets 2.

Crowd is pretty dead so far. Kaz hits some sort of flippy-hip-toss that was kinda cool for 2. Kaz hits an atomic drop and a spin kick. 2 count. Kaz sends Styles to the ropes and hits a great single-leg dropkick. Armlock by Kaz. Styles tries to power back up with some strikes, and hits a few clotheslines on Kaz. Styles takes Kaz up in the air and drops him back-first across the knee. Nice move, reminds me of Roderick Strong, Then Styles picks Kaz up, drops him on his face, and gets 2. Styles runs into a Kaz boot in the corner, then Kaz hits a mule dropkick that gets him 2. AJ retreats to the apron, and Kaz dives over, and drives Styles’ head into the apron. That was a very cool move. AJ recovers and slingshots in, but Kaz catches him in an RKO-like-move. 2-count. Styles goes to the ropes, but Kaz jumps ALL the way up and gives AJ a boot to the face. Styles laid back on the top rope against the post.

Kaz climbs up after them, and they battle on the top. AJ headbutts him and they go down. Elbow by AJ, followed by the flipping inverted DDT. 2-count. Kaz reverses an irish-whip with a nice reverse-DDT-ish move that I have no idea how to describe. It was cool, though. They volley with some pin attempts and surfboards, until AJ hits a pele kick. Styles then goes to the apron and teases a springboard forearm, but he LITERALLY stops on the rope, then shoots off the other way and hits Daniels down on the floor. Crowd goes wild. That was a really cool spot that was clever, but not too over-the-top.

AJ goes into the ring, tries a springboard, but Kaz is ready him… Kaz hits Fade To Black tombstone for the pin. Great move. Decent match.

Winner: Kazarian 

I don’t like to over-analyze this stuff, as I’m not a wrestler and am not going to pretend like I know what will make a decent match, as too many people try to do that – but this match had a few pretty good spots, decent pacing in my opinion, it seemed like they can’t find the crowd though… at least until Styles dove on Daniels. Unfortunately, that was 8 seconds before the end of the match.


Christy Hemme is talking to Bischoff and Gunner. Bischoff wants Gunner to beat the shit out of his kid, I guess? Bischoff wants Gunner to give a towel to Hogan, so Hogan can throw in the towel for Bischoff’s kid. I need a video package to explain what the fuck is going on here.

Gunner (w/ Eric Bischoff)  vs. Garett Bischoff (w/ Hulk Hogan)

The video package is helpful in letting me know immediately that I don’t need to give a shit about this match in any way whatsoever. But I’ll still watch it and recap it for you, the good people of Inside Pulse. I’m dedicated!

Gunner needs to go to a barber, and tell the barber that he’s sick of looking like an asshole, and see what the barber can do for him. He’s like Crimson and Morgan – I can’t believe he’s still around. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Garrett Bischoff before. He sucks probably, right? I’ll give him a chance, but just tell me. Right? He sucks. Right? Yeah. He sucks. He looks like a complete chump. Crowd goes nuts when Hogan comes out, so they got that at least.

It starts off, and Eric’s kid can hip toss but clearly can’t dropkick. Gunner does a takedown. Nor can Bischoff’s kid hit punches, apparently. Gunner kicks him some, and hits some eye rakes and a shoulder thrust. Garrett punches, but Gunner fights back with… axe handles. So basically, TNA has not abandoned that strategy of sending Bischoff, Flair and Hogan out with shitty wrestlers and hoping for the best? Good to know. Bischoff grabs his kid’s leg so Gunner can hit… some more punches to the neck.

Garrett runs into Gunner for the move of the match so far. Surfboard attempt gets two. Garrett with a sleeper. A resthold?!?! From what?!?! Gunner tries a charge, but Garrett hits a rollup and an ATOMIC DROP! Gunner pushes Garrett into the ropes and hits a clothesline to the back of the head. Bischoff’s kid powers up with punches. Gunner also hits some punches. Then a sleeper across the ropes. Garrett is down, and Gunner hits stomps. It’s been like 7 or 8 minutes already, and they haven’t done a single thing.

Bischoff is happy. Hogan is concerned. Garrett with punches. Knee by Gunner. Knee to the back of the head by Gunner as some type of submission. Gunner with a chinlock. That lasts for literally about a minute, then he hits elbows him on the neck. I guess they’re reluctant to try moves after that dropkick attempt. SUPLEX by Gunner. Crowd is absolutely dead. At one point Garrett picks up Gunner and just drops him on his face awkwardly. Garrett hits a couple elbows.

Time has lost all meaning. I pray this is almost over. Gunner gets back in control, and Bischoff hits his useless scrub kid in the face. Hogan goes over to Bischoff as the crowd comes alive for the first time, and punches him in the face which gets a Hogan chant. Jesus, they could have just done THAT and not had this match, right? Gunner with a neckbreaker. Crowd starts a small chant for Garrett. Hogan’s advice to Garrett is to “fight back”. Brilliant psychology. Gunner hits more elbows. Then a few knees. He’s out of moves. Hogan has told Garrett to “fight back” like 20 times in the last 3 minutes.

Hogan now has a towel, and he goes up on the apron to toss it in, and Garrett tells him not to. Then Gunner hits a DDT. Pin.

Winner: Gunner

Garrett should have just fought back like Hogan said. I’m pretty sure that would have worked.

Jeremy Borash: What a win for Gunner.


Christy Hemme talks to Sting. He cuts the usual Sting promo.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
Bobby Roode .vs. James Storm .vs. Jeff Hardy .vs. Bully Ray
Special Enforcer: Sting 

I don’t care about Roode at all. I’m sorry. I don’t. I know the guy works hard, and I’m glad TNA gave it to a younger guy, but… I just fucking don’t. Not even a little. He’s boring as fuck. James Storm isn’t my favourite, but he’s all right by me. He’s decent in the ring and knows how to work the crowd. Our new TNA man Adam made a comment earlier that he doesn’t like Storm because he’s fat… yet Adam enjoys Mark Henry.

Jeff Hardy? I don’t give a shit about him either. Even the TNA fans who cheer for Hardy know that he sucks. Hardy had a great last run in WWE, I’m not a fan of the guy at all, but I know that much is true. However, the height of Hardy’s TNA career is something very few of you probably remember. It was during this one match between Anderson and Morgan in 2009, and Jeff Hardy was out watching the match. He had a ladder up on the ramp for some reason, and out of nowhere, he just starts having sex with the ladder during the match. It was the most distracting thing I’ve ever seen. It was more entertaining than the match. I think that’s Jeff Hardy’s new strategy for his career. That way, even though he sucks, people still come to see him. People will be like “well, he still sucks, but he’s… distracting.” It’s probably one of the smarter moves he’s made in his career.

Bully Ray? I’ve enjoyed his singles run. It’s surprised the hell out of me. Just give him the belt and let him beat all these other dudes up already.


Sting gets a good pop when he comes out. Ray gets some good heat. Storm’s new music is pretty lame. Hardy gets the usual screaming pop. TNA fans are retarded. He looks ridiculous.

Swayze: Jeff Hardy looks like the things that the Power Rangers used to fight. 

Roode comes out. I don’t think it was a great heel reaction, but I’m sure people will yell at me for that. Ray yells at Christie and does his own intro. Crazy heat for Ray. More girls scream for Jeff. Damn Twilight fans.

The heels and babyfaces team up on each other. Babyfaces in control. Then heels in control. I don’t know, 4-way matches are kind of a mess a lot of the time. I’l give you the highlights. Storm and Roode gear up for a Beer Money double-team, but Roode punches Storm instead. Tenay and Borash try to sell the WWE history between Ray and Hardy, as the crowd chants “D-Von’s better”. Ray gives Hardy a suplex off the top rope. Ray hits the Tower Of Doom on the other 3 guys. This gets a “holy shit” chant? Wow. Ray tries to pin a few guys, but it doesn’t work.

Hardy hits a stunner. Ray flattens the ref. Ray then hits a Bubba-bomb that would have gotten 3. Sting attempts to wake the ref. Hardy then gets up IMMEDIATELY and hits a Twist Of Hate, which also would have gotten 3. Ref still out. This is anti-climatic. Roode hits a spear on Hardy. Storm hits the codebreaker on Roode, followed by the Last Call Superkick, but Ray pulls the ref out. Sting / Ray confrontation leads to Storm accidentally taking out that referee. Wow, that referee sucks.

Hardy with a Twist Of Fate on Roode, then he takes off his shirt and the girls in the crowd all orgasm. He goes for a Swanton, but Roode moves out of the way. Roode grabs the belt, but Sting comes in and takes it away. Roode and Sting argue, and Roode shoves Sting. Sting refuses to hit him back.

They argue for another minute or so, then Roode spits in his face, and Sting accidentally hits Hardy with the belt. Sting then yells at Roode, and Roode covers Hardy and tells Sting to count. Sting reluctantly goes to count, and Roode gets the win.

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

It seems to me, that with Roode, Sting would have made a point NOT to count the pin, just to piss Roode off… considering he didn’t count the pin for Ray or for Hardy. Ha. That’s hilarious.

Roode and Sting stare down. Eventually Roode leaves, and Sting helps Hardy up.

End show.


Well, there were two decent matches tonight. Zema / Sorensen might have been good, I didn’t see enough of it to honestly say. It’s funny how they go from those matches, to the two matches they had at the end of the show. That Gunner / Garrett match was fucking painful to watch, and the 4-way was pretty dull too, but the finish? That was just plain contradictory. Pretty much par the course for TNA main events. Pretty unsatisfying to say the least. At least I got to see Shelley and Aries tear that shitty arena apart. That was awesome.

This has been “That Being Said”. Thanks for reading, and have an awesome week! I’ll be in my trailer.

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