10 Thoughts on TNA Against All Odds 2012 (Jeff Hardy, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Robert Roode)

 Month-by-month for TNA. Genesis kept me interested… let’s see what February brings.


1. In the Roundtable I called Zema Ion v Jesse Sorensen potentially a good match… or potentially a match where Botchamania would run wild. Unfortunately for Sorensen, it was the latter. Ion hit him with the knees in that moonsault, and it looked nasty all over.


2. Robbie E invitational brings out Shannon Moore… and I am underwhelmed. And, judging by the rather anaemic pop (some very loud women screaming was about it), I’m not the only one. Dull match. And E won. Wow.


3. Tara v Kim for the knockouts Title was underwhelming. Look, it wasn’t as horrendous as a Kelly Kelly match, and the knee injury was a nice touch. But then why did Kim win with a move that really didn’t involve Tara’s knee? It was a waste, and the match was just there.


4. I liked the tag team match. Joe seems to have found some mojo, Magnus works well with him. Unfortunately, Crimson and Morgan have been doing their best work as a tag team, and now they’re going to go back to singles competition, starting against each other. Let’s hope they’ve learnt something in the ring. As for the match, it was all right.


5. Aries v Shelley was match of the night, but again in the roundtable I said it was most likely going to be held back a bit so they could make each match get better and better. I like both these guys, and they did not disappoint. That Last Chancery submission hold looks legitimately painful.


6. I’m sure Shelley was supposed to be the face, but that’s not what the audience wanted.


7. AJ Styles v Kazarian was almost derailed by an Impact Zone crowd that just did not care what they were giving. They clearly wanted Styles/Daniels. Still, the match was not too shabby. Second best match of the night.


8. Whose bright idea was it to make Garrett Bischoff v Gunner the semi-main? And what exactly did Hulk Hogan add, apart from a towel? Holy crap, we have an early contender for worst match of the year.


9. The main event was okay, but lacked ‘something’. Not sure what, but it felt like it was just there. And the ending was a bit of a mess, and made no sense in terms of the rest of the match.


10. Look, this wasn’t an awful show, but it wasn’t a real strong one either. 2 bad matches, 2 good matches, one match cut short, 3 matches okay. Thumbs in the middle show.


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