Tim Sylvia Willing to Go Through TUF to Get Back into UFC

In Wednesday’s exclusive interview with two-time former UFC Heavyweight champion Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia, the crew pressed hard to get to the bottom of his quest to get back to the major league, the UFC. The 20 minute plus interview provides great insight into his recent fight setbacks, as well as discovering the lengths that the champ would be willing to take to get back there.

Inside Fights: In recent years, the UFC has made both Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson go through “The Ultimate Fighter” process to get into the UFC. As a former heavyweight champion, you shouldn’t have to do this, but if you were offered the opportunity, would you take that as an opportunity to earn another UFC contract?

Tim Sylvia: Absolutely. 100%.

Concise answer, but the man wants to go out and fight the best. We obviously wish him the best of luck in getting there.

In the event you haven’t seen it, here’s Sylvia’s passionate plea and thank you to the fans that want to get him “home.”

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