Earth 2 #1 Spoilers: Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman Make HUGE New 52 & Multiverse Impact

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I have been a huge multiverse and Justice Society fan since I started reading comics a long time ago. I, like many of you, wondered how DC Comics would relaunch the franchise as part of the New 52. When news started trickling out about a DC Second Wave book called Earth 2 written by James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott, I was sold.

(Plus you have Paul Levitz writing the companion Worlds’ Finest title with artist George Perez and Kevin Maguire. That book chronicles the adventures of Huntress and Power Girl “trapped” on the New 52’s Prime Earth after the events revealed in Worlds’ Finest #1. DOUBLE SOLD!!)

Anyhow, I had been a long time fan of Robinson’s writing back to his Golden Age series way back when as well as his Starman opus, Mailbu Comics’ Firearm run, recent Mon-El run in the Superbooks and his current Shade maxi-series for DC (I’m sure I’m missing other series of his I loved). :)

Nicola Scott is probably one of the most talented artists in the business today with dynamic and vibrate pencils. Her work on Birds of Prey caught my attention and I have made it a point to sample ANY and ALL books she is working on.

That said, I started getting a bit concerned about Earth 2 after I saw both covers to issue #1 (regular cover and variant cover) featuring that Earth’s Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It seemed that the classic Justice Society characters of Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Atom (Al Pratt) and others were being shunted aside to make way for DC Comics’ iconic trinity.

So, while Jay, Alan and Al ARE in this issue, well, I also NOW know that the covers to the issue are what are. They serve as fitting tributes to the heroism and importance of these characters to Earth 2 and the formation of the Justice Society.

You see, these three turned the tide on that worlds’ Apokolips War in the most dramatic of fashions as you can see below.

They sacrificed themselves to save Earth 2 with Superman and Wonder Woman serving as distractions while Batman too gave his all to destroy Darkseid’s Apokoliptan (sp?) :) devices and repel his forces including field general Steppenwolf back to Apokolips.

Looks like Darkseid, who tangles with Earth Prime’s Justice League in that book’s arc, is a multiverse-level threat.

R.I.P. Kal, Bruce and Diana.

Do yourself a favour today or on FCBD – please purchase and read Earth 2 #1. This is clearly going in a bold new direction while feeling true to the essence of the Justice Society broader narrative. Plus GORGEOUS art. I am eager for issue #2 in June!

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