Earth 2 & Worlds Finest #1 Spoilers: Supergirl & Robin’s Multiverse Journey To Power Girl & Huntress


Following the heroism of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in Earth 2 #1, Supergirl and Robin follow “someone” through what seems like an exploding boom tube into Earth Prime. That bit of traveling isn’t news since the whole premise of Worlds Finest is Supergirl as Power Girl and Robin as Huntress trying to get back to Earth 2. However, it was cool that by reading both Earth 2 #1 and Worlds’ Finest #1 you get the full picture of that journey, well, except for “who” the person was they chased into Earth Prime.

Check the one Earth 2 #1 page and the 3 Worlds’ Finest pages that tell that journey’s story. Both have A LOT going on and are HIGHLY recommended.

Can’t wait for Earth 2 #2 and Worlds’ Finest #2 in June!

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