MMVAs 2012: Murtz On The Scene – Exclusive Interview With Degrassi‘s Luke Bilyk, Munro Chambers, & Jahmil French On MMVA Red Carpet

At the 2012 MMVAs, I talked to Degrassi‘s Luke Bilyk, Munro Chambers and Jahmil French. The Degrassi guys talked to me about what to expect when the show comes back in July and Munro revealed that a new hockey team will create a lot of tension. He also said that some relationships would make it while others would not. Luke Bilyk teased that Drew would experience a new all-time low. I told him that Drew was the guy that I always wanted to be in highschool but that I was more like Mo. Jahmil French said that he liked the fact that Dave has become much more layered in the most recent season and that he isn’t just the kid that is always smiling anymore. I asked them if they felt that Degrassi was continuing to create a new standard for teen programming.

Finally they reveal which castmember has the best luck with the ladies.

Check it out!

Also, if you missed my on the scene review of the show, it is available here

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