Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 7.2.12 (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Chris Jericho)

{Ed. Note: There’s a poll up on the main page asking what “new” wrestler you’d like to see in this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. CLICK HERE to vote.}

– I can barely remember anything from last week’s Raw… I’m guessing that’s a bad thing.

– What week are we getting the “Anonymous General Manager” before the 1000th Raw?

– Seems like Texas is Cena Country. A little surprised.

– Good God, Jericho IS starting to look like Bon Jovi. And he’s breaking out his greatest hits.

– Wow that was a lot of PG for one segment of Raw.

– That might have been a great match between Del Rio and Sin Cara. Too bad we’ll never know.

– Went from one crazy chick to Paul Heyman’s best “crazy eyes” expression. Why do I have a feeling Daniel Bryan and AJ are going to screw CM Punk at Money In The Bank?

– Only Paul Heyman can basically say nothing and still get you excited for something he’s barely involved in.

– I was reading a house show report this past weekend which stated that all of the pink Dolph Ziggler shirts were sold out by the end of the night. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing for the “HEEL” Ziggler.

– When was the last time Ziggler WON a match cleanly? How about won a match, period?

– I’m surprised they didn’t have AJ win with the GTS or the Anaconda Vice. God, AJ is the best character in WWE right now.

– Two legends for the price of one! And yes, I just called Doink a legend.

– If I had a nickel for every time Big Show “wrestled” Kane, I’d have some pretty hefty stock in WWE. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t collect those nickels.

– Ummmm… ok?

– This makes Tyson Kidd the 1-2-3 Kidd for 2012! Really happy for him.

– One of the best backstage segments in Raw history. Bar none.

– Nice little tidbit about Punk’s title reign catching up to Shawn Michaels’ first run as champion. These bits of info are what make the titles feel important and they need to do it more often.

– A floatover superplex?! Haven’t seen that done so well since Barry Windham.

– Has anyone done as much with so little as AJ has done? It really is unbelievable how much emotion she can show and how QUICKLY she can switch from one to another without missing a beat. She is far and away the best actress the WWE has had on their roster in years.

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