TNA Impact Wrestling Live Report – 7.19.12 – Open Fight Night, Bound for Glory Series, Angle Out, Ace and Eights Attack!, Joe vs. Pope

Welcome to the live report on TNA Impact Wrestling! I am your host for this week and perhaps a few more.  Last week we saw Sting and Hulk Hogan get jumped by two of those hooded thugs at the end of the show.  This week we have the Open Fight Night going on as well as the Bound for Glory series.  We’ll be going live at 7 Central.  Be sure to check out every few minutes as I will update during the commercial breaks.

TNA Impact Wrestling! – 7.19.12

We start the show off with a recap of the AJ controversy and the attack on Hulk Hogan and Sting.

They show pictures of Hogan in the hospital saying that he fractured his pelvis and neither he or Sting is in the building.  Cue Entrance video.

They show the leaderboard and James Storm is leading with 43 points with Joe following at 37.

James Storm’s music hits and he’s out to challenge someone to the opening bout in both the Bound for Glory and Open Fight Night series. He grabs the mic and says they have a new World Champion in Austin Aries and congratulates him.  He says where does that leave him and he says he’s in first place and on his way to main eventing Bound for Glory.  Storm says he hasn’t forgotten Roode and he wants to kick the living crap out of him.  He says that the Ace and Eights run around like bandits in a western but he would be the sheriff with a name like Cowboy.  He says he has balls and jumps no one from behind.  He wishes Hogan to get well.  James Storm then challenges Kurt Angle.

Bound for Glory Series:  James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt’s music hits, but no Angle.  His music hits again, but still no Angle and it feels eerily like last week when Hogan was attacked.  Storm sends the cameraman to the back to find Angle.  We wait with Storm and the referee in the ring until it flips to the back.  It shows the Aces and Eights attacking Kurt Angle.  He’s laid out as we head towards a…

Commercial Break.

We come back to Mike Tenay and Taz discussing what just happened.  The next match in the Bound for Glory series is…

Samoa Joe vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

They tie up and Joe moves him into the corner and takes some free shots until the ref gets to four.  Pope reverses it and hits a few more punches.  Joe reverse in the corner and hits an enzuigiri.  Pope gets back up and hits him with a big right hand.  Pope pushes him into the corner, but Joe rolls out to recover himself.  Pope gets a kick to the side and throw him back into the ring and Pope continues waylaying on him.  Joe throws some punches but Pope hits an STO.  Pope then locks in a submission pulling back both arms behind him.  Joe fights out but Pope hits a 4-Up punch.  Joe locks in an armbar and makes The Pope tap out.

Winner:  Samoa Joe  +10 points

Joe is holding his jaw post match and looks angered.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage as he is accused of being involved in the Aces and Eights attack.  Roode says he has more important things to worry about.  He says that the loss to Aries was a fluke but he seemed panicked as he ran off not answering any more questions.

Jeff Hardy walks out into a…

Commercial break.

We’re back to Jeff in the ring.  He says hello creatures and welcome to open fight night.  He says he has someone on his mind, but Robbie E comes out to interrupt him.  Robbie says it’s clear that they’re ducking him, but he’s calling out Jeff Hardy.  Robbie E says there is nothing Hardy can do because he’s not on the list…. yeah.

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E

Robbie E blindsides Hardy, but Hardy fights back with a leg flip and then a slam.  Robbie T grabs his leg from under the rope and Robbie E takes back over.  Hardy hits a big double leg low blow.  Robbie rams Hardy into the corner, but Hardy hits a double knee into E.  Hardy then disappears outside and hits the steel steps thanks to Robbie T.  Robbie E throws him back in and locks in a headlock.  Hardy fights out and hits a clothesline.  Hardy hits a whisper in the wind for a close two count.  Jeff Hardy then slingshots himself over the top rope but misses.  Hardy then attacks Robbie T for interfering and gets counted out.

Winner:  Robbie E  +5 Points

Jeff then runs him out of the ring but we have a new GutCheck candidate up next!

Commercial Break.

We come back to ODB and Eric Young.  He says he met some guys who gave him his own show.  ODB says she’s a bigger deal because she’s his wife.  He says he can fix this… he then kisses her.  He disappears to go get her fried chicken and beer.

They show a recap of the AJ/Father of the Baby angle.

It flashes to Daniels and Kaz in the back who say that they knew it was his baby and that he needs to drop the face of purity.  They say maybe Claire will flip his phoniness.

JB introduces Sam Shaw who is the latest rookie to try auditioning for TNA GutCheck.

He’s a short guy with tatted up arms and a Miz-esque hairstyle and athletic shorts.  JB asks him what separates him from everyone else, but the Aces of Eights attack!  And they ONLY attack him leading to a…

Commercial Break.

We’re back and Sam Shaw is being escorted out softly.  Mr. Anderson is out for the next contest.  He says speaking of douchebags he called out Christopher Daniels a few weeks ago.  Anderson says he’s calling out a friend of his in AJ Styles.

Mr. Anderson vs. AJ Styles

They square off and slap hands.  They tie up and AJ turns over Anderson’s arm, but he reverses it.  AJ tries to hip toss Anderson, but he reverses it and flips him.  Anderson locks in a armlock, but AJ locks his legs around Anderson’s head.  Anderson flips out of it and locks in a side headlock.  AJ rolls him over into a pin attempt for one.  They move up and are playing the power game.  AJ powers down Anderson in an armlock.  Anderson moves up and locks in a side headlock.  AJ reverses and Anderson rolls out.  AJ goes for the slingshot crossbody, but Anderson moves back in the ring and AJ lands on the apron on his feet.  He quickly slingshot crossbodys back into the ring for a quick two.  Anderson hits a back body drop for a two count leading into a…

Commercial Break.

We’re back and AJ hits a big dropkick for a two count.  He slams down Anderson and hits a high impact fist.  Anderson punches AJ and then elbows him.  He charges and AJ kicks him.  Anderson hits a neckbreaker for two.  Anderson locks in a headlock bringing Styles to his knees.  AJ tries rolling out, but to no avail.  AJ rams Anderson into the corner to get out.  AJ irish whips him but it is reversed and Anderson locks in headlock, but Styles fights out.  He hits a hurricanrana.  Styles hits a big springboard punch for a two count.  AJ sets up for a Styles Clash, but Anderson goes for the Green Bay Plunge.  AJ fights out, but gets hit with it anyways for a close two count.  Anderson sets up for a Mic Check, but Styles reverses and hits a Pelee Kick.  He ascends the turnbuckle, but Anderson punches him.  They’re both on the turnbuckle as Anderson hits a Superplex.  Anderson rolls an arm over for two.  AJ moves an arm over for two.  They are trading blows.  AJ locks in the Styles Clash, but Anderson gets out and pins him for three?

Winner:  Mr. Anderson  +7 Points

Claire is screaming AJ into her mic.  She’s in the audience and she demands he come talk to her.  She says she’s been calling him all week and he won’t answer.  Claire says they’re going to discuss it now.  She says he doesn’t remember that night.  She says she was drinking and he came over and drank too.  Claire shows some pictures of them in bed together.  She questions if he remembers their hot night and then leaves.

Commercial Break.

They recap what happened before the break.  AJ is shown looking closely at the pictures.

Sean Wheelock is talking to Tenay and Taz and he’s the guest commentator.  Apparently he’s from Bellator Wrestling.

Rob Van Dam has a mic and says he’s tickled pink to be there.  He says he feels like fighting and there’s no one he’d rather kick the crap out of than Christopher Daniels.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels attempts a cheap shot but RVD takes control.  RVD ties him to the tree of woe and drop kicks him.  RVD hits some forearms, but Daniels takes control.  RVD hits a suplex pin for two.  RVD locks in a unique submission stretching Daniels legs.  Daniels rolls out and attacks RVD as he rolls out.  Daniels hits some blows to the face.  Daniels slams RVD’s head on the mat before rolling him back in and hitting a slingshot elbow for two.  Daniels keeps the pressure on him.  RVD is fighting out.  Daniels hits a unique neckbreaker for two.  Daniels slaps RVD across the back and takes some bows.  RVD kicks him in the face, but Daniels maintains control.  They exchange blows and RVD kicks him right in the head before rolling up Daniels.  RVD goes for a kick but misses and kicks him again.  RVD hits a rolling monkey flip on Daniels.  He goes for something and misses but hits a kick taking down Daniels.  He goes for Rolling Thunder and misses.  Daniels pins him and has his feet on the rope for a three count.

Winner:  Christopher Daniels +7 Points

Austin Aries makes fun of Bobby Roode and says he should have beaten someone who actually deserved being the champion.  He says that everything he owns trumps whatever Roode has.  He says he trumps the Aces and Eights.

Commercial Break.

Brooke is on the phone with Tenay and Taz and she says that he has multiple surgeries and that he’s in bad condition.  Taz says that their thoughts and prayers are with them.  They recap the great match between Joseph Park and Bully Ray.  Joseph Park is backstage talking to Garrett Bischoff.  He tells him Garrett could use some protection in the courtroom.  Garrett asks him what happened last week?  Park says that was all him.

Magnus vs. Bully Ray

Neither called the other out as they were the final men for the B4G series.  Bully Ray attacked Magnus during his entrance.  They fight around the ringside.  Magnus slams his face down on the steel steps and they move in to start the match.

Magnus hits a big forearm for a two count.  Ray gets up and hits a big boot stopping his momentum.  Bully Ray hits a big blow to Magnus’ back.  Ray slams him into the corner and chops him loudly.  Ray hits a big elbow for a two count.  He picks him up and strikes Magnus down.  Ray locks in a headlock and then hits an elbow to the back of his head.  Ray hits the ropes and misses a big splash.  Magnus hits some blows as they exchange blows.  Magnus hits a big back body drop for a two count.  Magnus hits the rope and eats a clothesline.  Magnus dodges him and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Ray tries to fight out and gets to the ropes.  Magnus hits a big front power slam for two.  Magnus points at the turnbuckle and ascends.  He tries for a splash and misses.  Ray hits a Bubba Cutter for a three count.

Winner:  Bully Ray  +7 Points

The Bound for Glory Series Leaderboard is as follows…

1.  Samoa Joe       47

2.  James Storm  43

3.  Kurt Angle      27

4.  Mr. Anderson 23

5.  Jeff Hardy       21

6.  Chris Daniels   19

7.  Rob Van Dam  14

7.  Magnus              14

9.  Bully Ray           7

9. The Pope          7

9.  AJ Styles          7

12.  Robbie E          5

Chavo Guerrero debuts in TNA live next week!

Bobby Roode’s music hits and out he comes with a mic.  He says one word, one word, FLUKE.  He says he calls out Austin Aries out tonight.  But that’ll have to wait until after the…

Commercial Break.

We come back and out comes Austin Aries.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Roode wastes no time as he attacks leading to Austin throwing some punches.  Roode shoulders down Aries for a one count.  Roode takes some offense, but Austin locks in a headlock.  Aries picks him up and Roode rams him into the turnbuckle.  Roode whips him across but Austin reverses but Roode locks in a crossface.  Aries gets to the ropes before it is locked in.  Aries hits a slingshot senton and then a splash for two count.  Roode gets on the apron but is knocked down by Aries.  Aries then runs off the apron and hits a punch to Roode’s face leading to…

Commercial Break.

We’re back and Roode takes down Aries leading to…

Commercial Break.

Well that was ridiculous.  Anyways we’re back. Bobby Roode has taken over and is whipping Aries into different corners.  Roode charges and eats boots… twice.  Aries charges into a spinebuster for a two count.  Roode picks him up and hits a big suplex and then hits a big knee drop for a two count.  He then locks in a side headlock on Aries.  Aries fights out and then eats an elbow.  Roode taunts motioning for the title before kicking Aries in the gut.  Roode picks him up and they exchange blows.  Aries slaps his chest and they exchange some slaps and chops.  Roode tries for the crossface but it’s reversed into a ‘Last Chancery.’  He gets to the ropes and hits a big Spear for a two count.  Roode rams his shoulder into Aries gut in the corner.  He sets him up on the top turnbuckle and attempts a suplex, but Aries knees him in the head.  He claps Roode’s head and he falls to the mat.  Aries proceeds to hit a big top rope drop kick.  He goes for the brain buster, but Roode reverses it and locks in the Crossface.  Aries rolls him over into a pin situation.  Aries then attempts to clotheslines him over the top rope but can’t.  He then throws Roode over the top rope.  Then the Aces and Eights Attack!

Winner:  No Contest

They continue to attack except it’s only Austin Aries.  Bobby Roode smirks in the corner as he watches on.  He slowly stands up and points at the men and says ‘Yes!’  He extends a hand and they attack him!  They ruthlessly attack both Aries and Bobby Roode.  Who is behind this attack?

Thanks for reading.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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