Could WWE Bring Back the European Title? Antonio Cesaro Thinks So … If He Can Beat Santino at SummerSlam

As part of SummerSlam Axxess weekend, Arda Ocal of The Score / Aftermath Blog spoke with Antonio Cesaro about his United States Championship match with Santino Marella at SummerSlam. One interesting note is that Cesaro suggested (thanks to a leading question by Ocal) that if he beats Santino to win the U.S. title, he may retire the belt in favor of the old WWE European Championship that was merged with the Intercontinental Title and “deemed inactive” in July 2002 when RVD beat Jeff Hardy in a ladder match when both belts were on the line.

CB’s Slant: I would love to see Cesaro bring back the European title and wear it instead of the U.S. title (or he can wear both at the same time). It would be a nice touch for his character that would also add a little historical context that longtime wrestling fans love to see.

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Source: PW Torch