AVX Spoilers: Does Death Rock The World?

Marvel promised us a body this issue, and this being Marvel, they delivered us one. On top of that, they delivered us the one we were all expecting while making it clear we’re going to get the next one we expect next issue. Why? Because Marvel telegraphs things.


So who eats it?

A really pissed off, full on Phoenix powered Cyclops, does a force grip and kills Charles Xavier.

This is actually a pretty big deal for X-Men fans, well, classic X-Men fans. Xavier is the surrogate father of Scott Summers, the name value father of the entire franchise, but he’s been essentially a non-person in the franchise since Grant Morrison left New X-Men. He’s also the chalk outline character we all saw in Messiah Complex five years ago, so it’s hardly the first time they’ve done this tease.

Will it last this time? Probably for a few years, but it’s easier to imagine now in a world where Xavier is a rarely seen or mentioned fringe character that gets by strictly on name value.

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