Teen Titans #0 Spoilers: All About Red Robin, But Who Is Tim Drake & What Does Batman Know?

While there were a few surprises in Teen Titans #0 concerning Tim Drake, reading the full issue there remains a major contradiction when holding the book up against Nightwing #0. This problem revolves around whether one or both Tim Drake and Dick Grayson in the DC Comics New 52 continuity disovered Batman’s secret identity before Bruce Wayne told them.

Beyond that head-scratcher, there were a few interesting developments in the Teen Titans #0 concerning Tim’s family.

First, Tim Drake isn’t actually a Drake. That is a new surnanme he assumed related to the second surprise of the book: that Tim’s mom and dad, surname unknown, are in the witness protection program.

From the pic on the left, it would appear Batman knows all about Tim’s past and who he was before he became Tim DRAKE. So, Tim has a bit more complex backstory and with Damian Wayne is only the second Robin to not be an orphan. Also, the issue confirms what we expected about the design of the first costume he wore as Red Robin before the one he sports now.

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