Demythify: First Pictorial Column Featuring CW’s Arrow, Deathstroke, The Joker, Watchmen & DC Nation News (Marvel, DC Comics New 52, Green Arrow, The Hood, Young Justice Invasion)

Thanks for popping by and checking out my weekly Monday Demythify column.

This week we delve deeper into CW Arrow’s… HOOD! Yes, you heard, um, “read” me right.

Plus we look at Deathstroke through the ages in honour of his live-action debut this Wednesday and his upcoming DC Nation / Young Justice Invasion debut in 2013.

I also share with you a few of the prominent Hoods in comic dom.

Lastly, no big Young Justice Invasion update this week. The petition is inching 20,000 in just a few weeks. Seems that fans are not happy with the Cartoon Network. You can e-sign the petition here. For more on the turbulent DC Nation block chop, check out our e-library.

Ok, onto the meat of this week’s column.

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The Hoods Through the Ages

CW Arrow has been a smash hit attracting comic book fans and new fans alike. Interestingly, so far this season, the vigilante stalking Starling City has not been dubbed Arrow (as per the TV show’s name) nor Green Arrow (as per the comic books), but is called “The Hood”. Comicdom has a bit of a history with Hood characters. The most prominent are below including from Before Watchmen plus Red Hood and the Outlaws. Click for a higher resolution.

Oliver Queen, Hip For the Times?

Oliver Queen, CW’s Arrow and DC Comics’ Green Arrow, has appeared in many different comic book series and TV shows. He has appeared in the Super Friends cartoon of the 1970/80’s, the Justice League Unlimited cartoons of the 2000’s and other live action shows. Below are the most prominent costumes Oliver has worn as a bow wielding vigilante. Some iterations are not included, like for the cartoons I just mentioned, since his costume there is reflected below (the “traditional” Silver Age version, second from the left).

Deathstroke’s Tailors’ Project Runways

In honour of the debut of Deathstroke in this week’s CW Arrow episode titled “Damaged”, Season 2, Episode 5 (10 pics here and here), I thought I’d share with you Slade Wilson / Deathstroke’s alter ego’s costumes throughout pop culture. Yet another new costume will debut in this week’s CW Arrow episode. It appears to be a flashback to Oliver Queen’s time on the island, but could a modern-day Starling appearance also be in the works? Plus, in 2013, it appears Deathstroke will pop into Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block in Young Justice Invasion. Fun times ahead for everyone’s favourite merc!

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