10 Thoughts On TNA Final Resolution 2012

Because CB asked me…


1) James Storm promo was a crowd pleasing way to open the show, leading into a Kazarian promo (which was also surprisingly good), and then a match, which was also a pleasant surprise. Good way to start the PPV. (James Storm def Kazarian, superkick, pin)


2) Rob Van Dam and Kenny King had a nice little match, but it was no great shakes, nothing we haven’t seen before. It seems to me that RVD is just going through the motions at the moment. Nothing wrong with the match – in fact, it was quite a good little match – and I think King has potential. (Rob Van Dam def Kenny King, body scissors, pin)


3) Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan do not fit in well together in looks, style, ability or anything else. Chavo and Hernandez are a great team, with the deficiencies of each hidden by the other. This is a perfect spot for both men. Match was okay, nothing great. The DQ finish did nothing for anyone and the post-match stuff just served to prolong the feud. (Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Jr def Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan, DQ)


4) Bully Ray and Austin Aries were having a perfectly serviceable match. I don’t get with the whole “Bully Ray has improved in the ring to be one of the best nowadays” thing TNA apologists hit us with all the freakin’ time, but he’s not terrible. And then came the ending, and the whole soap opera bull-crap with Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan and Bully “Mark” Ray, and it dragged the match down. Soap opera storylines, sure, I can live with them. But for them to ruin a match like this is just a waste. And was this a match where blood was really necessary? (Austin Aries def Bully Ray, low blow to roll up, pin)


5) Being Australian, I need to ask – who the Hell is this Jesse person? Seriously, not one person I asked knew who he was before looking him up. Way to make yourselves relevant, TNA – select a “celebrity” no-one outside the USA has even heard of. The match started off surprisingly well, and then Jesse got involved, it went downhill, and he got his arse kicked by Mickie. By the way, I like there being a female referee in Knockouts matches. (Tara def Mickie James, Widow’s peak, pin)


6) The Aces and Eights match was a mess. Angle got the pin. Good guys won. Aces & 8s can’t win. Seen it. Next.


7) AJ Styles and Daniels put on the match of the night. By a long shot. I’m glad it was just the two of them, and even though AJ lost, it added to the fact 2012 has so not been his year. And Daniels has the added claim that he beat AJ with his own move. Was this the last time? God no. But it was a fun match. And a good match. Really worth catching. Oh, and Styles’ Pele kick is a thing of beauty. (Daniels def AJ Styles, Styles clash, pin)


8) Roode and Hardy tried, but couldn’t follow the Styles/Daniels match. It was actually a surprisingly good match (well, it surprised me), but the ending was bizarre. Roode has apparently paid Aces & 8s, so they came down, and then watched. Roode couldn’t get them to interfere. Hardy got the pin. Then the bad guys stormed the ring and attacked Hardy. Roode asked them what they were doing because he paid them to make sure he won the title, so they kick two shades of crap out of him as well. And where were the good guys to save Hardy at the end? (Jeff Hardy def Robert Roode, twist of fate, pin)


9) The crowd was pathetic. They were like they did not want to be there.


10) One of the better TNA PPVs this year. 2 really good matches (the last 2), 2 good matches (the first 2), two okay matches (Bully/Aries, tag titles), 1 barely okay, 1 crap. Certainly not a waste of time, but no titles changed hands, no storylines were resolved, no stories were really furthered… it was just a big version of an episode of Impact.


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