X-Men Spoilers: Which First Class Villain Makes The Return To Comics Nobody Asked For?

The most recent arc of Wolverine and the X-Men revolved around the X-Men being converted, via magic, into carnival folk. Can’t make this up, Wolverine was a clown and everything. It all boiled down to Frankenstein’s monster making a deal with a witch named Calcabrina, whose magic did all the whammying. Things were going fine until the magic weakened, and the X-Men started to become X-Men again, and then it turned into a big beat down. X-Men versus Evil Clowns, Wolverine versus Frankenstein’s Monster, and Idie versus Calcabrina.

This leads to a burning witch fleeing for her life, and trying to summon her master to grant her another chance. To save her life so that she might try again to gather the souls her master wants.

But ask for the devil, and he shall appear. The New Lord of Heaven. The New Lord of Hell.

Wolvrine Xmen-023-020

Azazel has returned, and the Draco has begun to flash in my mind. God help us, Jason Aaron read Chuck Austen’s Uncanny X-Men, and has decided to bring back Nightcrawler’s father. A character most recently seen in the X-Men First Class movie with none of his history referenced at all, whom most comic fans had spent years trying to forget.

If this doesn’t lead to Kurt coming back, I’m going to be very angry.

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