Flash Spoilers: What Happened Between Barry And Iris?

With so many changes from the way the DC Universe was to the way it is now, it’s definitely very easy to have let some of them slip through the cracks. Especially as time moves on and more questions arise, which in turn pushes the original questions to the back of our collective minds. Like, take for instance The Flash. When was the last time you saw people rumbling about why Barry and Iris weren’t together? It was one of the big changes for the New 52, after all, one of DC’s flagship couples broken up. I mean, yes, they hadn’t really been together for years, but their being together is where the ENTIRE Flash family came from. It wound up buried under Lois and Clark, who always got buried.

So what’s the story? Why did it happen? Or, to word it better, why didn’t it happen?


Because five years ago Barry and Iris went on their first date in relatively bad windy weather, and that wind blew papers from her purse. Now, Barry was new to being the Flash, so he showed off and recovered them all before they were scattered in all directions, but unfortunately that means he saw the papers. That she’s traveling with the information on her brother, Daniel West, and the case that landed him in jail. Barry is hurt, he thought it was a beautiful woman wanting to be with him, but now all he can see is that she was going to use him to get information to help herself. She never argues, and what could have been fades away in a spat between those who never became lovers.


Daniel West went to jail angry for five years, blaming his sister for doing nothing, and angry at her that she felt guilty for how bad Barry was treated.

Hope for them in the future? Maybe.


Especially now that Flash has finally located her in the Speed Force.

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