10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! – 2.14.13 – Aries vs Roode, Joe vs Angle, RVD vs Storm

Welcome, welcome to yet another edition to the 10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! I guess we’re going to keep this going every week! Anyways, here we go!

1. Hulk Hogan opens the show to say that we will decide the #1 Contender for Jeff Hardy’s title tonight with four big matches. It’s a good idea and it ensures we will get four great match-ups including James Storm vs RVD, Joe vs Angle, Magnus vs Daniels, and Roode vs Aries. Should be a good night of wrestling for sure.

2. Magnus vs Christopher Daniels. This was a fairly good match that saw the hometown boy go, once again, over Christopher Daniels. Good match and I’m starting to really like the look and character of Magnus.

3. Bully Ray explains that he has a quad injury which makes it where he cannot compete in the qualification matches. That may have just been a way to not make Hulk chose between his son-in-law and other wrestlers. Either way I wouldn’t be surprised to see him join up with Sting to take on the Aces and Eights at Lockdown.

4. Joe and Angle end in a double DQ due to the Aces and Eights interference, but it was a solid match before they interrupted it. Joe and Angle have tremendous chemistry and I’d love to see another PPV match between the two.

5. So last week, it was announced that Rockstar Spud won the British Boot Camp. Well this week, the three that lost are competing against Gail Kim, Tara, and Jess Godderz. The Blossom Twins are just that… British Twins. And the other guy is Party Marty. The twins actually looked really good displaying some great tag team moves, but Party Marty looked really green as he was late hitting his only two moves in the match. A missile drop kick was late and then he totally missed Jesse Godderz with the dive through the ropes and smashed his face on the concrete outside of the ring as a result.

6. Brooke Hogan comes out post match to announce that Tara will be defending her Knockout title next week against Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, and Miss Tessmacher in an elimination four-way-dance match. That actually sounds like a great match.

7. James Storm vs RVD. Not a bad match and it leads to the right guy winning with James Storm connecting with the Last Call Superkick taking advantage of RVD’s miss on the coast-to-coast top rope missile dropkick. RVD is the TV champion so he didn’t really need to be considered for the World title. Y’know unless he was Aries or Roode who are trying to take all of the gold.

8. Brooke talks to Hulk about getting Bully Ray a shot, but it makes no sense as he didn’t earn it tonight… I mean this smells like a heel move by Brooke because it’s like Bully is getting the easy route if he is awarded the title shot.

9. ‘Thanks people, I know my name.’ -Austin Aries. That’s awesome. Then both men go for the Fingerpoke of DOOM! Awesome! Aries then agrees to lay down for Roode, but rolls him up for a two when Roode covers him. Now it actually starts as a match. I love this angle. AND then at the end there was an Eddie Guerrero tribute with the who-hit-who with the chair spot while the ref wasn’t looking. Then Chavo and Hernandez come out to distract the tag champs to make sure they get counted out.

10. The Aces and Eights come out and surround the ring, but Bully Ray and Sting come out to save Hogan, but Hogan doesn’t make a decision… so I guess we’ll find out next week who gets the shot at Jeff Hardy.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the Rasslin’ Roundtable tomorrow!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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