DC Comics August 2013 Solicitations’ New 49 With 4 More Cancellations & 7 New 52 Ongoing Series To Debut In Fall (Update)

DC Comics New 52 comic book solicitations for August 2013 are out and we have the New 49! We have 4 more cancellations leaving the overall New 52 deficit at 7 series.

August 2013 features the following 4 cancellations: Legion of Super-Heroes (LOSH) #23, Demon Knights #23, Dial H #15 and Threshold #8.

That’s 4 more series DC needs to replace on top of the 3 they already needed to for a few months anyway.

There is a rumoured Villains Month event for September, DC New 52 kick-off anniversary month, where each New 52 series will be renumbered as #1 for a month and be named after the villain of the book. Will some villain-centric series continue into October? I think so, but certainly not 7.

Short-list of “likely” New 52 series:

  • Booster Gold
  • Justice League International or Global Guardians (1rst New 52 JLI cancelled for creative not sales reason)
  • Justice Legion of Super-Heroes or simply “Justice Legion” (a likely replacement for LOSH)
  • Plastic Man (written by Gail Simone?)
  • Shazam and/or Black Adam
  • Trinity of Sin: The Question

Not sure about any Villain-Centric books or other likely hero titles. What do you think?

Also, I have read rumors that DC may be toying with the idea of replacing several titles with 1 or 2 or even 3 weekly series featuring the New 52’s stronger sales performers, e.g. Batman, Green Lantern, etc. However, to do so would require DC to abandon its “New 52” branding.

DC Co-publisher Dan DiDio has noted that the New 52 refers to 52 ongoing series in terms of the branding; while 52 is also a special number for the company in-story as it is the number of universes in its multiverse.

Mathematically, a weekly comic book series is still 1 series; it wouldn’t count as 4 series in a given 4-week month. So, will it be New 52 for DC Comics into the Fall of 2013? If so, DC needs to launch 7 new ongoing titles in its “New 52” core super-hero line.


It appears writer Paul Levitz will not be part of whatever is next for DC’s 31rst Century. Here is his farewell message on Faceback to his many fans:

    DC’s officially announced the end of the current run of the LEGION with #23…sad to see my old friends go, and hoping my tale for that issue with Kevin Maguire illustrating will be an honorable end. As a reader, I’ll miss them until their next incarnation, whenever and however that may come. As a writer, I’m privileged to have gotten three chances to work with this vast and wonderful cast, and now on to other projects and other worlds.
    To those of you who have supported my tales of the future since back when WONDER WOMAN debuted in prime time, Joe Namath played his last as a Jet, and the US thought Nevada was a reasonable place to test nuclear weapons…my thanks. Few of us get to play for so long in a world we loved as a child, and I’ll always appreciate the readers who made it possible.
    Long live the Legion!

A big thanks to Paul Levitz for several years of great LOSH stories. I’m loving his Worlds’ Finest too, so Levitz fans can rejoice.


In response to fans worried about the future of the LOSH, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio assured fans via his facebook by indicating that:

    The cancellation of this series does not signify the end of the 31st century. More to come.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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