UFC 160 (Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva II) – UFC 160 Main Card Live Results and Play By Play

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Welcome, fight fans, to the UFC 160. We’ll be here live all night from the first bell to the final punch. You can follow all our coverage right here with the pay per view portion of the card. You can catch up with the Facebook portion of the card by clicking here and the FX portion here.

Donald Cerrone vs. K.J. Noons

Round 1:No glove touch as both guys come out throwing leg kicks. Cerrone with the takedown attempt, can’t finish, but lands a big knee to the head as Noons gets away. Interesting to see Noons throw kicks so early; usually he’s much more of a boxer than anything else. Cerrone with a nice head kick as they trade jabs. Not a lot of action as they trade light stuff back and forth; Noons is being more aggressive in octagon control but neither guy is throwing more than one or two strikes in a row. Cerrone gets the takedown, can’t keep him down but Cerrone with a nice uppercut as he gets away. Cerrone with some nice kicks to the back of the leg; Noons is holding his own but Cerrone is landing better right now. So far we’ve got a technical brawl; some really nice strikes but not a lot of combinations. Cerrone with a nice two punch combo to set up a head kick which connects. Spinning back kick from Noons as the round ends. Cerrone 10-9

Round 2:Cerrone gets the takedown early and Cerrone grabs back, scramble and Noons back to his feet. Lands a big knee to the head for his effort, though. It’s a really nice mixture from Cerrone tonight; he looks significantly better than he did in Chicago against Anthony Pettis. Noons is working the angles really well, though, and landing some nice strikes. Cerrone is landing some nice ones of his own. Not a lot on Noons punches, though, as Cerrone is landing much better shots right now. Some exchanges and Cerrone goes for the takedown, can’t finish but lands a nice knee out of it. He’s definitely looking to counter now, timing an attempt at a flying knee into a double and Noons is on his back. Cerrone with the ground and pound now, moving into half guard as he eyes side control. He works some top control now, grinding the round out as he lands some punches to the face and knees to the body. Cerrone 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Both men come out throwing, Cerrone much more active this round. Noons looks gassed right now as Cerrone is moving more and landing more. A nice combination lands but nothing on them. Cerrone with a quick level change, grabs the takedown and Noons is on his back. Full guard and Cerrone is working the top position game, mainly using elbows to the head. Noons tries to scramble up but Cerrone is on top and not letting him up. Noons is a bloody mess and Cerrone is landing some big shots on him. Noons goes for the scramble and Cerrone gets him down again, this time in half guard. Cerrone has lit him up on the ground so far, looking to advance position. Passes into side control, looking for the mounted crucifix as he lands some strikes. Round ends with Cerrone grinding him out. 10-9 Cerrone, 30-27 Cerrone

Official Decision: 30-27×2, 30-26 Cerrone

Gray Maynard vs. TJ Grant

Round 1: Both guys a little tentative to come out. Grant is using footwork to keep away, as Maynard wants to get in close and get the takedown. Some big shots from Maynard; everything he’s landing you can audibly hear. These guys are throwing down; nice right from Grant and Maynard was hurt for a bit. Grant with a big right and Maynard is rocked, Grant pouring it on and Maynard is down turtling up. Grant uncorks and the ref steps in at 2:08 of the first round. TJ Grant wins via TKO at 2:08 of the first round.

Glover Teixeira vs. James Te Huna

Round 1: Both guys come out swinging and Glover goes for a single, big right hand to follow. Te Huna walks through it as the crowd starts chanting “You’re going to die” in Portuguese. Brazil is representing for Glover tonight. Both guys are throwing early and often so far; Glover grabs a single and gets him to the ground. Te Huna’s in half guard, angling for a stand up. Glover is looking to move to side control and Te Huna is doing a great job at keeping him in guard. Glover is landing some big shots, though, as Te Huna looks to shrimp his way to his feet. Glover grabs a guillotine and pulls guard, Te Huna taps at 2:37 of the first round.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt

Round 1: JDS a bit tentative to start but that’s nto all that surprising; Junior’s not going to get into a full on brawl with someone like Hunt. Both guys are throwing but nothing more than a single punch or two. Hunt is looking for that left hook. Junior with a MASSIVE RIGHT HAND and Hunt goes down. It’s JDS’s kill shot, his signature, and Hunt’s right back up, though. Any other human being is out but Hunt’s doing alright. Both guys really tentative; neither guy is going full on aggressive so far. Hunt is looking for one big shot and Junior is looking for it as well. Hunt is walking JDS down but both guys are looking for the setup more than anything else. Junior’s cut but he’s clearly faster, footwork wise. JDS with a big right as well that wobbles Hunt slightly. JDS 10-9

Round 2: Hunt with a big right early and Junior responds with a nice left. Hunt’s bleeding from his ear so far. JDS is throwing to the body, looking to touch that chin with a follow up, and Hunt is doing the same with a leg kick/hook combination. Both guys are throwing really hard but neither is getting hurt. It’s kind of remarkable in a way. Hunt with a nice left hook followed by a body shot; Hunt is eating some shots from JDS as he’s clearly faster but not using it effectively enough. He’s standing right in front, thus Hunt is connecting way more than he should. Hunt with some nice right of his own to the body; he’s starting to figure out JDS’s timing as well. JDS tagged by Hunt, flush, and walks through it as well. Junior with a sloppy takedown and moves into side control quickly. JDS with some nice elbows to start from half guard as he’s looking to grind the round out. JDS moves to the mounted crucifix but can’t do much with it, Hunt scrambles out as the round ends.

JDS 10-9, but part of me thinks one judge gave it to Hunt.

Round 3: Hunt’s a little more desperate to start. He knows he’s down two rounds, or thinks he is at least, and is looking for that walkaway knockout. JDS is faster and is starting to use it more with angles and feints. Hunt with a big left and Junior is doing his best to stay on the outside, content to pick him apart. JDS goes for that wild right again and misses; Hunt isn’t pushing it like you think he would at this point. Hunt with a body kick that Junior catches partially; JDS is fighting comfortably right now as Junior is using distance beautifully right now. Couple of big left hooks from JDS and Hunt is staggered; both guys are starting to swing for the fences now. Spinning Wheel Kick from Junior Dos Santos and Hunt is OUT COLD. Whoa.

Junior Dos Santos wins by KO at 4:18 of the third round

Cain Velasquez (c) vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1: Cain comes out highly aggressive, goes for the single and Silva escapes. Cain is coming out looking to push a hard pace, like he did against Dos Santos. Another takedown attempt goes nowhere. Bigfoot is looking for the counter but Cain is fast enough to get out of the way so far. Cain catches him with a big right and Bigfoot goes DOWN! Cain pours it on and we’ve got a stoppage at 1:19 of the first. Cain Velasquez retains via TKO at 1:19 of the first.