DC Comics New 52 Villains Month Readers Guide: Complete Checklist, All 52 3D Covers & All 9 Forever Evil #1 Covers Including Variants Revealed!

September 2013 is upon us and its time for Villains Month from DC Comics New 52. What does this mean? Well, it means that as part of DC’s annual celebration of the launch of the New 52 in September 2011, DC has put its regular super-hero line on hold to spotlight the villains of the company across 52 one-shots. They are being offered with 3D covers at $3.99 and, due to DC under anticipating demand, also in 2D covers at $2.99 that are also considered first prints.

Below are two checklists for all the Villains Month titles. The first is a black and white version you can print out and fill out for your local comics shop. If you haven’t already reserved or pre-paid for a 3D cover book, chances are you have 2D in your future. Also, many retailers are making tough choices about who gets 3D covers because they have been shorted on their orders due to DC’s short-sightedness.

The second checklist is a simple list of the villains names that get the one-shot treatment.

The next two images showcase all 52 3D / 2D covers from DC for Villains Month.

It should be noted the Forever Evil mini-series kicks off this week as well with Forever Evil #1. In addition to the standard David Finch penciled cover and the combo pack cover there are seven variant covers are also be available. This Geoff Johns penned issue is a direct springboard from the explosive Justice League #23 last week and its major revelations including a mysterious Earth 3 prisoner that the Crime Syndicate had in tow.

Left to right: David Finch covers including Standard Forever Evil #1 Cover, Combo Pack Cover, Variant Cover, Black and White Cover, and New York Comic Con 2013 cover.

Left to Right: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado with Owlman, Superwoman and Ultraman, plus an ultra rare 3D motion cover combining them.

A sneak peek at Forever Evil #1 is available here. A preview of the September 4, 2013 shipping issue has also been released and can be viewed here. This mini-series promised to have huge impacts on Nightwing, the Teen Titans and Green Lantern.

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