Battle of the Atom Spoilers: Who is the All-New Xorn?

It’s funny because I didn’t even realize this until earlier today, but there is a sizable chunk of readers who have no idea what a Xorn is, and they have no idea how lucky they are.


For those who are new to the franchise, or took some time off in the 2000’s, Xorn was a Chinese mutant in a metal helmet who had a star for a brain. He was a healer, a pacifist, a man with a prison constructed around him by his government, and who joined the X-Men to be a teacher. Xorn who taught the special class, and who healed Xavier’s body so he could walk again.


Xorn who was actually Magneto in disguise. Xorn who killed Jean Grey before being killed by Wolverine. Xorn who wound up not being Magneto. Xorn who was Xorn thinking he was Magneto. Xorn who was the brother of Xorn who thought he was Magneto. The Collective.

Xorn has been a bad joke. A horrible, awful, no good, very bad joke. The kind of character that even the mention of creates all sorts of bad tidings in my mind, as Marvel has done nothing but ruin him more and more ever since Grant Morrison left for DC Comics.

But this is a new Xorn! One full of potential! Well, at the very least, potential to piss off Rachel Grey. Whose mother was killed by the original wearer of a Xorn helmet.

All-New X-Men 016-013

This one won’t have that problem, however. This Xorn is a bit more….partial to Jean living, I want to say. Why?

All-New X-Men 016-014

Because this Xorn is Jean Grey. The one from the All-New X-Men all grown up. So what changed? This version of Jean didn’t accept the mindwipe and opted to prevent her various deaths, which in turn messed up time. So now she’s gone back in time to make sure her younger self doesn’t destroy the timestream in an act of self preservation.

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