Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Night of Champions 2013

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Welcome to the Rasslin’ Roundtable!  I am your host Rhett Davis and remember that the People Power pick is from The Pulse Polls posted earlier in the week.  Now without any other delays…

WWE Night of Champions 2013

Rasslin’ Roundtable


Pre-Show Tag Team Turmoil

The Usos vs. The Real Americans vs. The Primetime Players vs. Tons of Funk vs. 3MB

CB: I feel like we’ve been there done that with The Usos vs. The Shield, and so I think it’s time for a new challenger for them. I would personally LOVE to see The Real Americans win just to see Antonio Cesaro work with Reigns and Rollins, though I could care less about Swagger. In fact, I have an idea to make this work for me, so…

Winners: The Real Americans

Steven Gepp: Apart from Team 3MB, any of the others could have a chance here. So we have to look at what is being established for their opponents – The Shield. Well… that doesn’t help. So we’ll say they need to a face team, and with Darren Young in the press, why not them?

Winners: PTP

Chris Sanders: We pretty much all understand who is going to end up winning this. Primetime Players are getting pushed to the top of the division, it’s a given. I’m just surprised they haven’t had any sort of build to lead into the match. However, I proposed the following: Since it’s essentially a tag team gauntlet match, have PTP start off and fight their way through every team. That’ll get the crowd even more behind them and they’ll be able to ride that momentum to the championship match.

Winners: Primetime Players

Jonah Kue: The only guys with any momentum at this point are the Primetime Players. The pre-show being 30 minutes should do this match a favor, since it’s a decent amount of time for all the teams to showcase something or other.

Winners: The Primetime Players

Rhett Davis:  Well lets break these teams down, 3MB winning this would just absolutely a waste as no one would buy them as credible threats to The Shield.  Tons of Funk isn’t much better of a choice.  The Usos have had their matchups with Shield and this isn’t adding any new dynamic to it.  So that leaves two teams:  The Real Americans and The Primetime Players.  I think the best way to do this is to have The Primetime Players run the gauntlet (first Tons of Funk, then Usos, then 3MB with after match beatdown) with the final match being against The Real Americans.  As for who wins, I’ll say that the PTP will win.

Winners:  The Primetime Players

Justin C:  Primetime Players

Winners:  Primetime Players

People Power:  With 73% of the vote, The Primetime Players win the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Primetime Players – 6

Real Americans – 1

3MB – 0

Tons of Funk – 0

The Usos – 0


WWE Tag Team Championship

The Shield (c) vs. (Whoever you picked to win the Turmoil)


CB: so…if the Real Americans to win and face The Shield, perhaps WWE can do what’s actually “good for business” and have Cesaro leave Swagger behind for good after The Shield retains. Maybe they can have Cesaro get completely brutalized by The Shield after the match and have Swagger/Zeb leave him behind before they finish Antonio off with a Triple Power Bomb. After that, Cesaro can crush Swagger in a post breakup match and then move on to something else quickly.

Winners and STILL Champions: The Shield

Steven Gepp: Squash with an extra side of squash and squash sauce to cover.

Winners: The Shield

Chris Sanders: Like I said before, Primetime is almost assured to be opponents here. The only thing about this is that I’m unsure if WWE wants to take the belts off Shield just yet, especially if they’re supposed to come off as HHH’s unstoppable security force. I predict shenanigans and PTP joins the fight against the HHH regime and lead to a big win later on.

Winners: The Shield

Jonah Kue: With the Shield being invested in the McMahon-Helmsley II stable, the titles aren’t necessarily a necessity to themanymore. Plus, it would make sense to capitalize on a potential grand feud between PTP and the Real Americans, especially with the media attention Darren Young has been receiving. Either way, should at least be a decent match.

Winners (and NEW champs): The Primetime Players

Rhett Davis:  This could really go either way, but I think it would be interesting to have another entity that the New Corporation was against besides Big Show and Daniel Bryan.  Have the Primetime Players win and you have some new faces for the New Corp to focus on as well as a new purpose for The Shield.

Winners (and NEW WWE Tag Team Champs):  Primetime Playas

Justin C:  The Shield over PTP.

Winners:  The Shield

People Power:  With 87% of the vote, The Shield receives the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  The Shield – 5

Primetime Players – 2


United States Championship

Dean Ambrose(c) vs Dolph Ziggler


Chris Sanders: A last minute addition to the card but it should be a good one. I still stand by the same assumption that I made in the tag team match, shenanigans will go down that will cause Ziggler the match. That would also lead to Ziggle becoming a more fervant fighter against HHH’s regime (which really should be the name for it). Basically what I see happening is more faces daring to oppose the regime and building a team leading into whatever gimmick Battleground will end up being next month.

Winner: Dean Ambrose-before-hoes

Rhett Davis:  This is kind of a bonus match as it was added Friday Night, but this should be a great matchup if given time.  I’d probably say that Ambrose will retain after The Shield jump Ziggles.  Them jumping Dolph could be a result of losing the tag titles earlier in the evening.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler (DQ)

Justin C:  Dean Ambrose over Dolph Ziggler.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose

The Tally:  Dean Ambrose – 2

Dolph by DQ – 1


WWE Divas Championship Fatal-4-Way Match?

AJ Lee (c) vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi??


CB: There is no way AJ loses this match. I wonder if the big reveal here will be Kaitlyn joining the non-Total Divas side and having her actually/ironically help AJ retain.

Winner and STILL Champion: AJ Lee

Steven Gepp: I honestly think this match is there only because of Total Divas, and so maybe they’ll hot-shot the title onto one of the participants of that crap show (which, I know, is rating its arse off).

Winner: Natalya (more wishful thinking than anything else, and just to have a title change on a Night of Champions show)

Chris Sanders: This match could be a lot worse and one could make a case for any of these ladies taking the title in favor of promoting the reality show. However, one could also make the case that this will be a vehicle to formally introduce AJ into the Total Divas cast. I also was hoping AJ would win to solidify her statement a couple weeks ago on Raw. Once again, if you’re actually reading this, post the following in the comments: “Sanders is the voice of a generation. His week off caused mass hysteria and led an entire population to question their own personal quality of life. His genius can be heard on Classy Ring Attire every week (which can be found on iTunes). Also, every one should follow them on twitter @CRAttire. Oh yeah, I guess Joel is alright.”

Winner: AJ

Jonah Kue: Obviously, this main purpose of this is to highlight the cast members of “Total Divas”. Other than that, this match is also basically to test the waters and see who would suit AJ in a feud the best. I’m just happy to see Naomi in hot pants. #datass

Winner (and STILL champ): AJ Lee

Rhett Davis:  Well this could be a way to move AJ onto the show or put over one of the Divas on the show. Eh.

Winner (and STILL Divas Champion):  AJ Lee

Justin C:  Natalya wins it all.

Winner (and NEW Divas Champion):  Natalya

People Power:  With 73% of the vote, AJ Lee wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  AJ Lee – 5

Natalya – 2


World Heavyweight Championship?
Alberto del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam w/ Ricardo Rodriguez


CB: I think it would be a good idea to give RVD one more run with the Big Gold Belt sooner rather than later, and with everything being so heel-heavy on Raw and SmackDown these days, we could use the change of pace.

Winner and NEW Champion: Rob Van Dam

Steven Gepp: I hope RVD keeps his working boots on because lately he’s started to show signs of his TNA laziness creeping into the ring in the past few outings. Given time, this could steal the show.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Chris Sanders: I don’t really see much upside to Del Rio keeping the belt beyond this point. I really think it’s time to give it a rest for ADR seeing as how long he’s constantly been in the WHC picture over the past year or so. And I know a lot of people will voice concerns about WWE not wanting to put the WHC on RVD at the risk of a Wellness Policy Violation. Thos concerns are dumb because that would require WWE to actually giving a crap about the WHC. Give RVD the belt, the fans will love it even if it means a couple more matchs against ADR. Besides, my card is making the show look like a downer so we might as well try to pep the fans up a little.

Winner:  Rob Van Dam

Jonah Kue: I dig del Rio. I really do. But he’s yet to have a feud other than Ziggler that has caught my interest. This whole “Ricardo managing RVD” thing is just awkward as hell. Nonetheless, this match definitely has the potential to be a show stealer. RVD isn’t the right guy to take the title off of ADR, though. That esteem should still be reserved for someone with actual momentum.

Winner (and STILL champ): Alberto del Rio

Rhett Davis:  This could be a fun match as Del Rio is proving to always have good in ring matches despite his character being dull and unchanging.  Maybe have him be incorporated into the New Corporation or something.  Either way I think it would be fun to see RVD join that unique group that has held the WWE, World, and ECW Heavyweight Championships.

Winner (and NEW World Heavyweight Champion):  Rob Van Dam

Justin C:  Alberto del Rio wins via DQ.

Winner (and STILL World Heavyweight Champion):  Alberto del Rio (via DQ)

People Power:  With 62% of the vote, Alberto del Rio receives the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Alberto del Rio – 3

Rob Van Dam – 3

ADR by DQ – 1


Heyman Guys’ Handicap?

CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel??


CB: Punk PROMISED us a “biblical” ass-beating of Paul Heyman at Night of Champions … and that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to get. This is the perfect time for come-uppance in this story, and I think it does happen here without question … and without Brock Lesnar coming back to interfere.

Winner: CM Punk

Steven Gepp: I like Axel/Hennig-3. I do. I liked what I saw of him in the indies and what I saw of him in FCW (through the joys of YouTube and some DVDs). I didn’t mind him in NXT. They should let him channel his grand-father and be the arse kicker ‘The Ax’ was. Okay, so having said that, this Axel character is not doing it for me. And this feud feels like a place-holder for Punk. So here’s what I think – Punk beats Axel, gets Heyman, but Lesnar comes out to make the save and kill Punk a little but more, then take out Axel as well, along with a new “Heyman Guy” (no idea who, but someone from NXT I would guess). Punk has a new series of feuds, Axel gets shunted down the order (and loses his title in the process), and we have another place-holder feud for Punk until WM30.

Winner: Punk

Chris Sanders: I have a feeling CM Punk will run through both guys fairly easily. I’m still unsure if there will be some sort of shady business that’ll cost Punk the match. Either way, I’m sure the feud will continue. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll lead to another Brock/Punk match. But for the sake of giving the fans something else to cheer for…

Winner: CM Punk

Jonah Kue: I hope this is the close of this feud. Good lord, talk about cold leftovers. And if Curtis Axel doesn’t put you to sleep, your insomnia has been driven to new heights. I’m sure Punk will eventually get his hands on Heyman, and we’ll receive the revenge payoff we’ve been waiting for since Punk’s loss at Summerslam. Punk needs to move on to a more meaningful feud anyway (perhaps in the power struggle angle with Bryan, Trips, and Orton).

Winner: CM Punk

Rhett Davis:  You know this feud would’ve made more sense in reverse.  Have Punk fight Axel, then Axel and Heyman, then Heyman bring in Brock to take out Punk on his behalf.  This is Brock comes in, kills Punk, leaves, Heyman gets killed by Punk while Brock just leaves for no good (storyline) reason.  Although I feel like this match (as well as the rest of the card to be honest) will be surrounded in controversy, I feel like it’s time for Punk to win one.

Winner:  CM Punk

Justin C:  CM Punk wins this one.

Winner:  CM Punk

People Power:  With 64% of the vote, CM Punk wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  CM Punk – 7

The Heyman Guys – 0


WWE Championship?

Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan


CB: While the Punk-Heyman saga has reached its endgame, the Orton/HHH/McMahons vs. Bryan/Big Show/rest of the roster is nowhere near that point. I fully expect Randy Orton to leave Night of Champions as the WWE Champion, but I am not quite sure how they will get there without repeating themselves. I don’t really want to see Big Show knocking out Bryan, I don’t want to see The Shield simply interfering, and I don’t want to see Bryan simply laid out to pasture to close the show like he has been much of the past few weeks. I think Orton will win the match and as the heels begin their all-out assault on Bryan, Bryan will get some heat back with the help of the roster members who will start to fight back against the Triple H / Stephanie McMahon machine. The show will close with Bryan standing tall with help from his friends, and who knows, maybe CM Punk will be one of them now that his feud with Heyman is behind him.

Winner and STILL Champion: Randall Keith “Randy” Orton

Steven Gepp: This is only the end of the first chapter in the story. DB will be left for dead. I’d even guess he’ll win by DQ when the entire Shield, Orton and maybe even Heyman and his guys just kill the guy. There will be no comeback, though, not at the PPV and not at Raw, not for another week or more. This could well be another ending that leaves everyone pissed off, but that means the ultimate victory will be worth it. I don’t think this will be dragged out to Wrestlemania; maybe Survivor Series will see the blow-off.

Winner: Orton

Chris Sanders: Of course this will be a good match but I’m going ahead and calling HHH sending out Big Show to take DB out. I’m also entertaining the idea of Big Show being sent to take out DB but finally grows a spine and punches Randy instead. Matter of fact, that might be the best way to keep the feud alive going into Battleground. Sure, we would like to see Bryan get the belt cleanly but we technically got that last month and that was against Cena so that must count double. Still, I really don’t think Bryan gets the belt just yet. I think this story will be on the slow burner and it might be better off that.

Winners: Randy Orton

Jonah Kue: I’m hoping that the shenanigans will be kept to a minimum. These two have proven they have great chemistry. And with them in the main event, I’m sure they’ll put on a hell of a show. I’d love Bryan to win here, but this “new regime” storyline is still in its early chapters. Sadly, they’ve been repeating one freakin’ chapter these past few weeks. I’m hoping a stellar match and a memorable ending will help progress this story, no matter who the winner may be. Winner (and STILL champ): Randy Orton

Rhett Davis:  I look forward to this match, but controversy is bound to happen.  I think this match will be made a No DQ match at some point.  Then they will follow that by having The Shield try to take out Daniel Bryan, but they’ll be stopped by Dolph and the PTP.  Next Triple H will get desperate and send in Big Show who will KO Punch D-Bry, but then KO Punch Orton when he gets cocky.  Orton falls on top of Bryan and it results in Orton winning.

Winner (and STILL WWE Champ):  The Viper

Justin C:  Orton retains the belt.

Winner (and STILL WWE Champ):  Randy Orton

People Power:  With 74% of the vote, Randy Orton wins the ‘People Power’ pick.

The Tally:  Randy Orton – 7

Daniel Bryan -0


Well that’s it!  Be sure to check out Inside Pulse’s live coverage of the PPV tonight!

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