Not Just For The Man of Steel 2 Movie! Superman vs. Batman, Earth 2 Style, Coming From Injustice Gods Among Us Creator! (DC Comics New 52)

On November 6, 2013, mega-popular video game turned digital comic Injustice Gods Among Us sees its writer Tom Taylor take over from fan favorite James Robinson on Earth 2. Nicole Scott remains on pencils and Earth 2 #17 continues from the explosive cliffhanger in last week’s issue #16, representing writer James Robinson’s swan song on the series.

Unlettered, but colored and inked images from the issues tease two members of Earth 2’s original Trinity of Wonders. Could an Earth 2 Wonder Woman be far behind?

Superman vs. Batman, Earth 2 style, comic to a comic stand near you. Not only do we get a Man of Steel 2 film featuring Henry Cavill’s Superman vs. Ben Affleck’s Batman, we also get the Man of Steel vs. the Dark Knight in an upcoming comic. Will it be in Earth 2 #17 or later on in Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott’s new arc? We’ll see, but both “a” Superman and “a” Batman feature prominently in the pages released by DC Comics to tease this New 52 series and its new arc next month. We know Supes is evil and Batman is on the side of the angels. Their clash is coming.

The red and black, sported by both Superman and Batman, attack!

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