10 Thoughts On… Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Episode 11 Review

1. Whether you liked her move or not, Ciera’s decision to betray Hayden and Caleb’s trust and tell Tyson about their plan to eliminate him was the gutsiest move of the season so far. While it is easy to chastise her for turning against her original tribe members when she almost certainly would have seem destined to make the Final 4, choosing which three allies was a decision that she had every right to make for herself. While it is easy to say that she made the wrong decision, we don’t know what her relationships are like with Tyson, Gervase and Monica. Ciera has been a shrewd player all season and I love the raw guts of her decision.

2. Tyson should also be credited for his ability to forge strong relationships with the others. I don’t think anyone could have predicted how tight he was with Ciera, to the point where she was completely willing to ditch three of her original allies to stay loyal to him. While I don’t think he owes his game to Ciera (because he still had the benefit of having the hidden immunity idol), this was the first indication of just how strong his social game has been all season.

3. Had to feel for Vytas at the Redemption Island showdown. The moms working together to take him out was a stunning piece of television to watch. The reason that this season of Survivor has been particularly compelling to watch is because of the new elements of strategy that we get to see. No one could have predicted alliances forming on Redemption Island, and especially Laura helping Tina after voting her out. With that said, it wasn’t pleasant to watching such blatant cheating. It was actually quite similar to Nicole attempting to cheat off of Leo’s puzzle on The Amazing Race a couple of weeks ago.

4. It’s clear that Ciera will probably jump back and vote alongside Hayden and Katie tonight as she realizes that she will be picked off if she stays with all of the returnees. This will result in the show’s first deadlocked vote since Paschal English was sent home on Survivor Marquesas. I am not spoiling here as this has been shown in all of the Survivor commercials this week. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

5. I don’t think Monica is making the right decision by winning all of these immunity challenges. I think it increases the target on her.

6. This episode was pretty phenomenal. From the great drama at Redemption Island to Tyson playing the idol, to Caleb’s dismissal. It was Survivor at its best.

7. I really think that the only person who might be able to beat Tyson in a jury vote is Gervase at this point. Monica could argue that she has won the most immunities, but I just don’t see the jury siding with her at this point. It’s kind of like how they all turned on Dawn when she was sitting beside Cochran at the end.

8. Will there be a family visit this year?

9. Loved how Hayden realized that his plan to oust Tyson didn’t work and how he scrambled to get back on his good side. While it didn’t work, it still showed the mark of a brilliant Survivor player.

10. Thoughts are with the family of Tina and Katie.

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