WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 12.16.2013: TLC PPV Fallout as Randy Orton Stands Tall as the Unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion

WWE Monday Night Raw preview for Monday 12/16/13:

–Is Daniel Bryan one step closer to joining the Wyatts after he was beaten down at TLC, or does Bryan have other plans?

–Cody Rhodes and Goldust retained the tag titles at TLC against three other opponents. Is their bond simply unbreakable right now?

–At TLC, Roman Reigns inadvertently speared Dean Ambrose. Uh oh.

–Big E Langston is on a roll. Can anything stop him from dominating?

–We have a new Unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and his name is Randy Orton. With The Authority — including Vince McMahon — congratulating Orton after he beat John Cena at TLC — one has to wonder what will happen next when it comes to the Unified title picture.

–Sidenote: No one likes Miz:

All this and more on Raw … tonight!

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Source: WWE.com