Has DC Comics Seeded The New 52: Futures End 2014 Weekly Series Earlier Than We Thought? (Legion of Super-Heroes #23, Legion Lost #10 & 16 Spoilers)

When I was writing up last week’s Justice League 3000 #1 spoilers and conveying the news of DC newest 2014 weekly series The New 52: Futures End, I had hoped to share with you my piece on the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 finale. However, it turns out that uploaded the relevant pics a few months ago, but never published the piece. Ooops.

In light of those items from this week, the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 finales seems a bit important for things to come in the DC Comics New 52.

Below are SPOILERS from August 2013’s LOSH #23 and year one and year two issues of Legion Lost, #10 and its finale in #16.

You probably already know the Legion of Super-Heroes was cancelled and the speculation about what some panels from its conclusion could signify or even undo.

The book sees the Legion of Super-Heroes asked (ordered?) to disband.

The below two panels from Legion of Super-Heroes in particular caused many to wonder of the LOSH “place” in the DC New 52 multiverse. Some speculated that the LOSH was part of Earth 2 and not the Prime Earth’s future which Justice League 3000 occupies.

Certainly when coupled with the companion Legion series that was cancelled months earlier, Legion Lost, we see the possibility that a devastated Legion of Super-Heroes and decimated Earth exists somewhen in the DC New 52. Below is what was revealed in the preview of post-Culling mini-event Legion Lost #10 preview:

With the end of the series in Legion Lost #16, we saw characters come back and this band of Legionnaires still stuck in the modern-day DC Universe (DCU). Please we see Nathaniel Adym still active. Adym is one of three personalities that Captain Atom (a.k.a. Nathaniel Adam) split into across the timestream after the hero exploded in the pages of Fury of Firestorm #15.

Interestingly, this piece covered for cancelled DC Comics New 52 series that may be important to DC’s futures… end: Legion of Super-Heroes, Legion Lost, Captain Atom and Fury of Firestorm.

With The New 52: Futures End set to tackle DC Comics’ several time anomalies, the LOSH and Legion Lost seem good bets for profile particularly since we also now have a Justice League 3000 series occupying space – pun intended – in DC’s 31rst Century with no LOSH about.

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