Another 6 Thoughts: WWE Raw 1.13.14 (Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, CM Punk, Ultimate Warrior)

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1. It truly is amazing how over Daniel Bryan is as a babyface while in this storyline. I think everyone is pretty much expecting this to play out as Bryan snapping on the Wyatts and the feud from that point on. I love how they are playing this turn straight up though. He’s not conflicted, he’s not teasing that he’s going to turn on them and he’s embraced everything about the Family. It really is the surest way to get a story over. Although now it looks like that maybe a losing streak may play into Bryan turning on Wyatt.

2. I have no idea how big of a fan CM Punk was of the New Age Outlaws growing up but the recent pairing has been damn fun to watch. They genuinely look like they’re having fun together and it’s always awesome when a nostalgia act returns & can still go.

3. Right as I was typing that maybe this renewed push of the New Age Outlaws would result in a Hall of Fame induction, they pull the classic tag team heel turn to remind everyone they’re buddies with Triple H. I loved seeing Road Dogg and Billy Gunn but this storyline change makes perfect sense and also pushes CM Punk back in the main event storyline with The Authority.

4. I never thought I’d live to see the day when the Ultimate Warrior would be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Now he’s going into the HoF BEFORE the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. I remember an interview Ted DiBiase did not too long ago when he said that if Warrior is inducted into the HoF, it diminishes everyone else who is already in it. I know he can’t be the only person who shares that feeling…

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6. Good match to round out a weird night of Raw. I did like that way the Bryan turn played out even though I’m sure there will be a lot of people complaining that the storyline should have gone on longer. The fact is, Bryan and creative got what they needed out of the time between TLC and the Rumble and now Bryan can talk about how he’s going to win & main event WrestleMania. Plus, during the Wyatts’ earlier promo, Bryan said that inside the cage we’d see “a monster”. When he joined Bray Wyatt, he said he just wanted to be made into a monster so he could win the WWE World Title. The storyline did come full circle. It was just a little quicker than I think some people thought it would go.

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