Demythify: Essential Guide To Forever Evil #6 With Nightwing, Crime Syndicate’s Hooded Prisoner & More (Spoilers)

Welcome to an abridged roundup edition of our weekly Monday Demythify column!

Forever Evil #6 hits this week and it’s teased to be a big, big book before next month’s issue #7 finale.

Potential Spoilers follow.

Forever Evil #6’s solicit and the related checklist, promises to wrap up at least the first two of the below big mysteries that surfaced in the series.

There remain some other key mysteries yet to unravel. Will they begin to unfurl in Forever Evil #6?

One of the covers to Forever Evil #6 is shared on the right.

In addition, interestingly, one of DC Comics current Top 10 anomalies made his DC New return in an underappreciated series last week just in time for Forever Evil #6 and the kick off in a little while of The New 52: Futures End weekly series and its related spin-offs. Coincidence? You decide.

This all leads, it seems, to something DC is branding After Forever.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome!

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