Robin Rises Omega #1 Spoilers & Review: Batman vs. Superman Shazam & Lex Luthor Over The New 52 Fate Of DC Comics’ Damian Wayne?

Damian Wayne, Batman’s son and latest Robin, died in the pages of Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc. #8. Despite this many readers thought it was only a matter of time before he returned as Damian had a unique place among Batman’s other ex-Robins.

And, while the relationships between the ex-Robins are multi-faceted and potentially confusing, there is/will be a new bird-themed female sidekick for Batman in the weekly series Batman: EternalHarper Row as Bluebird revealed in Batman #28 – there still is room in the DCU for Damain Wayne as Robin IMHO.

Spoilers and capsule review follow for Robin Rises Omega #1!

The free preview provided by DC Comics for the issue revealed the two covers for the book and some interior art.

In the actual book, Batman’s quest from the Batman and Robin ongoing series continues here. He’s battling Darkseid’s Glorious Godfrey who wants the Chaos shard; its seemingly in the coffin Ra’s had built for his Grandson, and Batman’s deceased son, Damian Wayne.

The Justice League come to the rescue when Darkseid’s forces overpower Batman and his B&R “team”.

Shazam seems mighty proud – stepping into hubris territory – to have “saved” Batman.

However, the Justice League only get in the way. As Glorious Godfrey escapes into a Boom Tube to Apokolips with Damian’s Wayne’s coffin, Batman’s attempt to latch onto the coffin and go to Apokolips is thwarted by Shazam. Plus Wonder Woman apologizes for the Justice League running in half cocked.

This leads to a dust-up between Batman and Shazam plus Batman over Lex Luthor based on the former’s bungling and the latter’s shooting from the lip.

To wrap up the issue, Batman comes up with a plan. He knows he can bring back his son Damian and just needs to get to Apokolips!

Loved the art and story. This one-shot is highly recommended. Writer Peter Tomasi does amazing work on the ongoing Batman and Robin series that this Omega #1 book feeds back into. Plus the art Andy Kubert is just breathtaking.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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