Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers: Hayden Wins Power Of Veto, Frankie Smooths Over Feud Between Zach & Christine, Amber Is The Target

After a stunning nomination ceremony which saw Zach shockingly nominate fellow Detonator alliance members Christine and Nicole while co-HOH Frankie put up Victoria and Jacosta, a lot has gone down in the Big Brother 16 house.

In a surprise to no one, Christine and Nicole won the Battle of the Block challenge, took themselves off the block and dethroned Zach as HOH. While the pair of blonde eyeglass wearers tried their best to get Frankie to turn on his Zankie partner-in-crime and put him on the block as the replacement nominee, Frankie said that he would consider it.

In today’s POV challenge, Victoria pulled the houseguest’s choice chip and selected Hayden to compete on her behalf. The other veto players include the nominees (Jocasta & Victoria), along with Donny, Christine, and the Head of Household Frankie.

Hayden won the veto and immediately announced that he would be using it on Victoria since she picked him to play on her behalf. Frankie also told him to use the veto so that he could backdoor Amber.

In the hours that followed, it appears that Frankie went into full damage control mode. Calling Zach, Nicole, and Christine together to chat, Frankie warned Zach to be on his best behavour. While Christine and Zach continued to clash, Nicole said that her issue with Zach wasn’t that he nominated her, but that he called her a ‘fruit loop dingus’ during the ceremony (which will air during tomorrow night’s episode on CBS). Christine held more of a grudge and told Zach that he got “power-hungry” and that he threw the rest of his alliance under the bus. When Zach defended himself by saying that is just his personality, Christine said that she didn’t want to work with him anymore. Zach then said that one of them had to leave then. In the end, Frankie did manage to temporarily smooth things over so it appears that the Detonators still plan to vote as a bloc to take out Amber this week.


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